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Kentucky was originally part of Virginia, but later went on to become the 15th US state, in 1792. Kentucky has a diverse terrain and is home to a widely-varied economy, including agriculture, manufacturing, and mining. Though silver and gold were briefly mined in Kentucky, coal mining is much more common.

Fort Knox, the major gold depository in the United States, is located in Kentucky. Fort Knox holds nearly 150 million troy ounces of gold bullion. The major urban centers of Kentucky are Louisville and Lexington, where most of the best gold and silver dealers in Kentucky can be found.

Are There Taxes on Buying Gold and Silver Bullion in Kentucky?

There are currently no sales tax exemptions if you buy gold and silver in Kentucky. All precious metals bullion, along with coins, paper currency, and other numismatic items, are all subject to the Kentucky sales tax rate of 6%. County and local taxes can bring the total even higher. These sales taxes make it more expensive to buy physical bullion in Kentucky than in other states.

CBMint is not based in Kentucky, so residents of Kentucky do not have to pay any sales taxes when buying bullion online from CBMint. Please feel free to Browse our Selection of tax-free bullion products.

Please note, we are not tax professionals or experts. Individuals are sometimes liable to pay local Use taxes. Contact your state and local tax authorities for all laws concerning taxes when buying bullion locally in Kentucky.

List of Kentucky Cities with Gold and Silver Dealers

  • Louisville
  • Lexington
  • Bowling Green

Featured Gold and Silver Dealers in Kentucky (KY)

Listed below is a small sample of featured bullion and coin dealers in Kentucky. If you would like to suggest any additional Kentucky coin or bullion stores to add to this list, feel free to Contact CBMint and let us know.

Treasure Island Coin, Stamp, Gold and Silver Exchange

Situated right in downtown Louisville, Treasure Island has a wide and varied product selection, making them one of the best gold and silver dealers in Kentucky. They buy and sell gold, silver, and platinum bullion, as well as a large number of historic and collectible coins from both the US and around the world. Their vast selection includes certified coins, Morgan silver dollars, proof coins, mint sets, 90% junk silver, American Eagles, Canadian Maple Leafs, silver bars, and much more. Treasure Island Coin is regarded as having some of the lowest silver and gold prices in the Louisville area.

232 West Broadway
Louisville, KY 40202
(502) 454-0334

Louisville Numismatic Exchange

Among the oldest and best Kentucky coin dealers, Louisville Numismatic Exchange specializes in rare and collectible US and world coins. They also offer a range of other numismatic products, like tokens, medallions, and paper currency. They buy and sell all forms of precious metals, including gold, silver, platinum, and palladium bullion. They also buy and sell gold and silver jewelry, scrap silver, silver dollars, gold bars, and much more. Their selection is always changing, so be sure to call ahead if you are seeking a specific coin or bullion product.

527 3rd Street South
Louisville, KY 40202
(502) 584-9879

Cherokee Coins and Jewelry

Cherokee Coins and Jewelry is a family-run Louisville coin dealer that specializes in US collectible coins, with an emphasis on Morgan silver dollars and Peace silver dollars. They help customers track down key dates, and offer coin appraisals. Cherokee Coin is a PCGS and NGC approved Kentucky coin dealer. They carry other numismatic items, as well, such as paper money, tokens, and exonumia. They buy and sell gold and silver bullion and jewelry, including silver bars and rounds. They offer discounts to investors who buy silver and gold bullion in bulk. They buy coins and bullion from the public, so their wide selection is always changing.

1825 Bardstown Road
Louisville, KY 40205
(502) 215-4353

Mid-American Rare Coin Galleries

For over 30 years, Mid-American has been one of the best coin dealers in Lexington, KY. They give their customers an impressive 30 day return policy on all purchases of coins and bullion. Mid-American offers a host of rare coins, such as investment-grade coins, proof coins, certified coins, ancient coins, world coins, tokens, and silver dollars. The staff at Mid-American Rare Coin frequently travel to regional coin shows and auctions, so their storefront is open by appointment only.

1707 Nicholasville Road
Lexington, KY 40503
(877) 836-0833

A Plus Coins

Specializing in collectible coins, rather than gold and silver bullion, A-Plus Coins has a large selection of foreign and US coins, such as proof coins, graded coins, key date coins, and mint sets. Their selection and focus has made them one of the best coin shops in Kentucky. They actively assist new coin collectors and offer a product range suited to coin buyers with small budgets. They do sell and buy gold and silver bullion, as well, such as scrap silver, 90% junk silver coins, and gold and silver coins such as American Eagles and Canadian Maple Leafs. They are well known for helping locate rare items for collectors and buyers who invest in silver and gold.

1051 Bryant Way
Bowling Green, KY 42103
(270) 783-0420

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