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Buy Rhodium Bar 1 Oz | Buy Rhodium Online | Lowest Rhodium Price per Ounce


1 Oz Rhodium Bar – Extremely Rare Platinum-Group-Metal | 1 Troy Oz of Rhodium – 99.9% Pure | Sealed by Baird Mint in Protective Assay Card

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The Baird Mint 1 Oz Rhodium Bar is one of the small number of rhodium bullion products on the market. These 1 Oz rhodium bars are manufactured by the Baird Mint, located in London and one of the most trusted refiners of precious metals in the world. Founded in 1967, Baird has been on the forefront of the bullion market since the 1970s, and products made by the Baird Mint are some of the highest quality bullion items available today. Baird is one of the few refiners that manufactures products in rare metals, such as rhodium, and their 1 ounce rhodium bars are quickly gaining popularity with investors who buy rhodium online.

Details of Baird 1 Oz Rhodium Bars

Baird Mint 1 Ounce Rhodium Bars are struck from .999 pure rhodium and then, to ensure condition, quality and authenticity, are immediately sealed in a hard, protective assay card. The front of each 1 oz rhodium bar is stamped with the mint name and location, the weight of the bar in troy ounces, the rhodium purity, and a unique serial number. The back side of these 1 oz rhodium bars are simpler and feature only the name of the mint.

Buy Rhodium Bar 1 Oz

Rhodium is a platinum group metal and shares many characteristics with platinum and palladium. Rhodium, however, is rarer than the others and sources of rhodium production are scant, thereby making rhodium a potential star player among investors who buy bullion online. The 1 Oz rhodium bar is a great mid-range investment product with huge profit potential. In the past, the rhodium price has seen some wild increases in short periods of time.

As these are primarily bullion bars, manufactured for buyers who invest in rhodium, the price of 1 Oz rhodium bars is tied directly to the spot price of rhodium. Nevertheless, some buyers with numismatic interest and some element collectors buy rhodium bars online, as well. Many rhodium investors expect the price of rhodium to explode upwards again, similar to the 2008 rhodium price boom. Investors buy 1 oz rhodium bars online to poise themselves to turn tremendous profit when this boom again happens.

Buy Rhodium Online – Shipping and Insurance

After you buy 1 Oz rhodium bars online from CBMint, we promptly move to prepare your order for shipment. Please note that because the Baird Mint manufactures these rhodium bars in the United Kingdom, and CBMint only sells uncirculated bullion products, there is often a slightly longer shipment time associated with them.than with North American-produced bullion items.

Baird Mint 1 oz rhodium bars come already sealed in protective, airtight assay cards. We further place your entire order in protective packaging, then discretely and securely ship the order direct to your doorstep. Because of the extremely high value of rhodium bullion we offer complete protection — all rhodium bullion purchases made through CBMint are fully insured while in transit to you.

Help with Buying 1 oz Rhodium Online| Rhodium Price per Ounce

Though it sees some tremendous swings, the spot rhodium price can occasionally be quite high, causing even a 1 oz rhodium bar to be a sizable purchase for investors who buy rhodium online. Rhodium is also a relatively unknown precious metal to many buyers. CBMint strives to assist our customers in any way we can. In order to answer your questions about buying rhodium online, we offer an online FAQ, a Glossary, an Investors Guide, and a Product Information Page. Additional help can be obtained through our Contact Us page, through our Live Chat feature, or by simply calling CBMint toll-free at 214-597-1571. Check the Rhodium price per ounce below.

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