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Swiss Gold 20 Francs Helvetia Coin AU (Random Year)



Product ID: 19
Year: Random
Grade: Almost Unc
Grade Service: None
Denomination: 20 Francs
Mint Mark: Varies
Metal Content: 0.1867 troy oz
Purity: .900
Manufacturer: Private Mint
Thickness: 1.4 mm
Diameter: 21 mm
Inner Pack: N/A
Outer Pack: 50

Product Description
Due to its historical significance and the fact that they were first struck in the late 19th century, Swiss Gold 20 Francs are a popular collectible throughout Europe. These fractional Gold coins are visually appealing and have a distinctive design.
Coin Features:

Contains .

The real gold weight is 1867 ounces.
In tubes, multiples of 50 are packaged. Lesser amounts will be packaged securely.
It was designed by Fritz Landry and features an allegorical female figure as the Swiss national emblem.
Reverse: Features a depiction of the Swiss coat of arms encircled by oak leaves, along with the denomination and date.
The Bern Mint (Swissmint) struck coins from 1897 to 1935, then again in 1947 and 1949.

Protect and show your coin in style with capsules designed specifically for it.

These Swiss 20 Franc Helvetia coins, which contain.1867 troy ounces of gold and feature famous designs, are one of the most popular Gold coins in the world among investors. Immediately add rare Swiss 20 Franc Gold Helvetia coins to your shopping basket.

The 20 Franc Helvetia Gold Coin of Switzerland
From 1897 until 1949, a total of 58.6 million 20 Francs Gold Helvetia coins were struck. Following the creation of the Swiss Confederation in 1848, the Swiss Franc, based on the French Franc, became the official currency. The denomination of 20 Francs and metal purities established by Napoleon for France in 1803 were adhered to in its fabrication. The Federal Council of Switzerland decided in 1895 that the 20 Swiss Franc Gold coins should have a new design, popularly known as Vreneli, which has since become the informal name for all Swiss Francs with this design.

Gold Coins in Europe
Historical European Gold coins were minted mostly between the early 1800s and the 1930s, and were used extensively as currency throughout their issuance periods; therefore, examples in uncirculated or mint state form are uncommon today. These rare European coins offer genuine scarcity, great demand, and genuine historical significance.

Important Information: Dates will be chosen at our discretion and may or may not alter based on available inventory.

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