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Precious Metals Investing Guide

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Welcome to the CBMint Informational Guide for investors who buy precious metals online. This guide is intended for both experienced and beginning investors. Experienced investors can learn about additional investment metals with which they may not be familiar, learn more about fluctuations in the precious metals markets and learn about the history, as well as the possible future of precious metals investing.

Beginning investors can learn the basics of buying gold, silver, and platinum, the reasons why investing in physical precious metals is vitally important, and learn initial strategies for buying precious metals.

Our Investing Guide is divided into sections, each of which contains several articles of interest to precious metals investors. The guide can be navigated using the links to the various topics, or it can be read page-by-page by clicking the links on the bottom of each page. The links allow you to go forward to the next page, or back to return to the previous page of the Investing Guide. The first section of the Precious Metals Investing Guide discusses the various precious metals that are traded, their characteristics, and their uses.



CBMint is not a registered investment advisor. Readers are advised that the information contained here should be used solely for informational purposes. It is not the intention of CBMint to suggest which precious metals investments readers should buy or sell for themselves. Users of this site should always conduct their own research and due diligence and/or obtain professional advice before making any investment decision. CBMint will not be liable for any loss or damage caused by a reader’s reliance on information obtained in any of our newsletters, emails or on our website. Our readers are solely responsible for their own investment decisions.

Furthermore, the information contained here does not constitute a representation by the publisher or a solicitation for the purchase or sale of investments. Our opinions and analyses are based on sources believed to be reliable and are written in good faith, but no representation or warranty, expressed or implied, is made as to their accuracy or completeness. All information contained in our publications or on our website should be independently verified. The publishers are not responsible for errors or omissions.

Any opinions expressed here are subject to change without notice. Owners, employees and writers may hold positions in some or all of the investments that are discussed in this publication.

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