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1 Oz American Platinum Eagle


Official Platinum Bullion Coin of the United States | 1 Troy Ounce of Platinum – 99.95% Pure | Stunning and Historic Design that Changes Annually

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The 1 Ounce American Platinum Eagle is the official platinum bullion coin of the United States and has been produced by the United States Mint since 1997. Minted in four different sizes, the 1 troy ounce Platinum Eagle is the largest and the most common. All Platinum Eagles manufactured by the US Mint are legal tender in the United States and are fully guaranteed for authenticity and quality.

Details of the 1 Ounce American Platinum Eagle

The 1 oz Platinum Eagle is struck from .9995 pure platinum and contains exactly 1 troy ounce of platinum. Legal tender in the US, the 1 oz Platinum Eagle carries a face value of $100 — the highest face value ever carried by any United States coin. The obverse of the 1 Ounce Platinum Eagle is unchanging, showing the upper portion of the Statue of Liberty, as well as the mint year. The reverse, however, features an annually changing design. Each motif on the reverse has a scene reflecting a different tenet of American democracy, the ideas for which are taken directly from the United States Constitution itself.

American Platinum Eagles are 99.95% pure platinum, making them IRA-eligible for buyers in the United States. The mint dates on these Platinum Eagles varies and is chosen at random from our inventory. Should you desire a specific mint year, include that request with your order or Contact CBMint, and we shall do our best to honor your request.

Investing in 1 Ounce Platinum Eagles

Though the current spot price of platinum is high, collectors also buy 1 Ounce Platinum Eagles online. The coins have significant numismatic value, and the beautiful and themed-design make them popular as high-end gifts. The primary buyers of Platinum Eagles are, of course, bullion investors looking to buy platinum coins online, where they can obtain them less expensively than cxan buyers who shop in brick and mortar stores. Platinum prices have historically been quite volatile, causing many investors to believe that a great surge in the spot price of platinum could be forthcoming. Buying Platinum Eagles online is a perfect way to add these extremely valuable precious metal to your bullion portfolio.

Buying Platinum Eagles Online from CBMint — Shipping and Insurance

Upon buying Platinum Eagles online from CBmint, we immediately move to secure your order and prepare it for shipment. Each 1 Ounce American Platinum Eagle coin is placed individually in protective plastic, and your entire order is then put in protective packaging. We ship discretely and directly to your address. Due to the very high value of platinum, your order is fully insured while it is in transit to you.

Help with Buying 1 oz Platinum Eagles Online

Buying platinum coins online is a serious investment, and we look to provide you any possible resource to help answer any questions you may have. We provide a FAQ, Glossary, Investing Guide, or Product Information Page. Additional help with buying Platinum Eagles online can be found on our Contact Us page, via our Live Chat feature, or by simply calling CBMint toll-free at {{config path=’general/store_information/phone’}}.


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