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Perth Mint 1 oz Gold Bar (In Assay)


Unveiling Elegance: The All-New 1 oz PAMP Gold Bar

In the realm of precious metals, the recently unveiled 1 oz PAMP gold bar stands as a testament to the extraordinary beauty and unrivaled quality synonymous with PAMP. Renowned as a leading refiner of precious metals, PAMP ensures not only the beauty but also the purity and authenticity of each gold bar it produces.

Bar Highlights: A Glimpse of Excellence

1. Unmatched Gold Purity

Crafted from 1 oz of .9999 fine gold, this PAMP gold bar signifies a commitment to unparalleled quality. The intrinsic value of this precious metal is encapsulated in every meticulously refined ounce.

2. Assay Assurance

Accompanying the bar is a certifiable assurance of its gold metal weight and purity. Encased within a CertiPAMP assay card, adorned with a removable protective film, and boasting a QR code linking to the bar’s digital assay certificate, this gold bar is a symbol of transparency and authenticity.

3. Unprecedented Security Measures

Individually serialized and featuring anti-counterfeit micro-engraving, this gold bar employs cutting-edge security measures. PAMP’s dedication to thwarting counterfeit attempts is evident in the sophisticated design that combines contemporary aesthetics with classically-inspired light-refracting micro ridges.

4. Eligibility for Precious Metals IRAs

Not just a beautiful addition to your collection, this PAMP gold bar is also eligible for inclusion in Precious Metals IRAs, enhancing its appeal for investors seeking both aesthetics and financial security.

5. Striking Design Elements

The obverse showcases the prominent “PAMP Suisse” inscription in the top half, complemented by weight and purity details in the bottom half. On the reverse, the PAMP Suisse logo and a unique serial number add to the bar’s distinctive charm.

6. Flexible Purchase Options

Available individually or in increments of 25, these bars are conveniently packed in sleek Monster Boxes, offering flexibility in how you choose to build your collection.

Elevate Your Presentation: Accessories for Your PAMP Gold Bar

Enhance the display of your PAMP-branded gold bar by opting for an attractive presentation box. Alternatively, transform your gold bar into a stunning piece of fine jewelry with the addition of a beautiful bezel.

Embrace Change in Your Bullion Collection

With its captivating new design, this PAMP gold bar presents a unique opportunity to diversify the aesthetic appeal of your bullion collection. Seize the moment and add the allure of this 1 oz PAMP gold bar to your cart today.

PAMP Gold Quality: A Legacy of Excellence

PAMP, a stalwart in the realm of gold bullion products, manufactures these gold bars. Acknowledged as Good Delivery by esteemed institutions such as the Swiss National Bank, the London Bullion Market Association, the Chicago Metals Exchange, and various other international markets, PAMP gold bars are a mark of distinction.

Commitment to Responsible Sourcing

PAMP’s commitment to responsible sourcing is evident through its participation in the Public-Private Alliance for Responsible Minerals Trade. This alliance ensures that the precious metals used in PAMP gold bars are sourced ethically and responsibly, aligning with the highest standards in the industry.

Federal Assayers’ Seal of Approval

The quality assurance doesn’t stop there. PAMP gold bars undergo scrutiny by federal assayers in adherence to the Swiss Precious Metals Control law. This additional layer of verification provides you with the confidence that the gold you possess meets the highest standards of quality.

Note: MKS PAMP, the manufacturer of PAMP-branded products, places a thin plastic sheeting to protect the assay card during shipping. Simply peel it away upon receipt to reveal the true beauty of your investment.

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