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Our Products

At CBMint, we want our customers to have as much knowledge of our products as possible. Informed customers make happy customers, and we wish to impart as much of our knowledge of bullion and related products as possible. Our product category pages are filled with information and history of the product types, and each of our individual product pages features product specifications and details. CBMint hosts an extensive Guide to Bullion Investing, which discusses many topics related to investment in precious metals. We also maintain an on-site Glossary, in order to help customers understand terms they may come across with which they are not familiar. We are happy to answer any additional questions you may have, so please feel free to Contact Us at any time.

Product Brand

Many of our bullion bars and rounds have a specific brand – meaning they were produced by a specific mint or refiner, usually with the name of the producer stamped prominently upon the bar. Certain makers of bullion products are well-renowned for producing high-quality products — as a result some investors who buy bullion online tend to prefer certain brands.

Images of Products

The images of bullion products used on CBMint are all example images. Our customers are guaranteed to receive the products they purchase, but bear in mind images displayed on the site are generic and not the images of the exact piece that is being purchased. Bullion products manufactured by private mints, especially bullion rounds and bullion bars, often have slight variations in design between production runs, however, regardless of any slight design differences between the images on CBMint and the products that you receive, the stated amount of precious metal bullion and the stated purity are always guaranteed.

Year of Production

Bullion coins produced by government mints almost always feature a mint year. Keep in mind that the year of minting does not affect the stated bullion (actual metal) content of any bullion coin, however, some investors who buy bullion coins online enjoy purchasing coins of a specific mint year for their collections. Bullion bars usually feature no year of manufacture. CBMint maintains a policy of allowing requests for specific mint years to be made, however, our inventory of bullion coins is large and widely-varied, meaning that although we attempt to honor requests for specific years of coins, we cannot guarantee it. The exceptions, of course, are bullion coins that include the mint year in the product title.

Authenticity of Our Products

While fake bullion products do exist, CBMint takes extreme caution to ensure that the products we offer are guaranteed to be authentic. We receive our inventory only from reputable distributors, refiners, and mints located in the United States. High-quality bullion products from overseas are only obtained through their authorized US-based distributors. Therefore, nearly all of the bullion products on CBMint are in new condition, being sourced directly from these mints and their distributors. Our direct, business-to-business sourcing with our suppliers ensures that no low-quality or fake items can enter our product stream.

Maybe you do not see the bullion products you hoped were available? At CBMint, we love customer feedback and always welcome new product ideas. In addition, should you have any questions, suggestions, or general comments about our products, please feel free to Contact Us at your convenience or call CBMint toll-free at 214-597-1571.

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