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Who is the Royal Canadian Mint?

Also referred to as the RCM, the Royal Canadian Mint produces all of the circulation coinage used in Canada, as well as a large number of gold, silver, platinum, and palladium bullion products. Created by the Royal Canadian Mint Act, the RCM is a sovereign mint and wholly-owned by the Canadian government. In addition to producing coins and bullion, the Royal Canadian Mint also produces medallions, tokens, commemorative pieces, and conducts assay and refining services. CBMint is the best place to buy Canadian Mint coins online, featuring low prices on RCM silver, gold, platinum, and palladium coins and bars, including a large and detailed selection of RCM products.

History of the Royal Canadian Mint

Being a Crown Colony of the United Kingdom, circulation coins for Canada were long produced by the Royal Mint in London. Only in 1901 was a branch of the Royal Mint built in Ottawa, Canada, to produce circulation coins for use in Canada. Finally, in 1931 the Ottawa Mint finally gained independence from the Royal Mint, emerging as the Royal Canadian Mint, responsible for the production of all bullion and coins for use in Canada. By 1960, production capacity was reached in the Ottawa facility, so a new branch of the RCM was established in Winnipeg, Manitoba. The huge facility in Winnipeg produces all of the circulation coinage for Canada, along with circulation coinage for several other nations that lack suitable mint facilities. This vast production has allowed the Ottawa branch to concentrate on commemorative coins, along with gold, silver, platinum, and palladium coins and bars.

Current Operations of the Royal Canadian Mint

Along with circulation coinage, the Royal Canadian Mint is heavily involved in the bullion industry. In addition to the famous Canadian Maple Leaf bullion coin, which is manufactured in gold, silver, platinum, and palladium, the RCM produces other commemorative coins in precious metals, gold and silver bullion bars, bars and wafers for bullion investment, and silver and gold granules for industrial applications and for the jewelry industry.

The Royal Canadian Mint is famous for the purity of its bullion products. Gold and silver coins produced here often obtain a fineness that exceeds that achieved by other sovereign and private mints. For example, the Canadian Gold Maple Leaf coin has a fineness of .9999, instead of the more common .999 gold fineness found in many other gold bullion coins. This hard to match level of precious metal fineness makes RCM precious metals coins and bars some of the most sought-after in the world.

How Do I Buy Coins Made by the Royal Canadian Mint?

Circulation coins produced by the RCM are easy to find -- simply obtain any readily-available Canadian coinage. Historic Canadian coinage is harder to find -- possessing numismatic value, such coins end up in the hands of collectors and coin dealers. Often, people come across circulation coins produced by the RCM without even knowing it, due to the fact the RCM makes circulation coins for many other nations. For example, coins for Norway, Cuba, Barbados, New Zealand, and Colombia have been manufactured here.

Buying Royal Canadian Mint bullion coins is simple, as silver, gold, and platinum bullion coins are produced on a yearly basis, often seeing high mintages. CBMint has a relationship with the Royal Canadian Mint that allows us to keep a stock of their beautiful precious metal bullion coins and bars. Being an online dealer, CBMint is able to offer very low price premiums on Canadian Mint products, enabling our customers to inexpensively buy RCM coins and bars online.

Buying Royal Canadian Mint Coins Online

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