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Generic 100 Oz Silver Bar


Chosen From Our Current Inventory | 100 Ounces of Silver – .999+ Fineness | Authenticity and Silver Content Guaranteed

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100 Ounce Silver Bars have been manufactured by a large variety of mints and refiners over the decades, and many of these bars still circulate in the secondary bullion markets. Often, when refiners and distributors acquire them, these bars are melted down and the silver is recycled into new silver bullion bars. However, many distributors choose to assay the silver bars, and if the quality and silver content is still 100%, they re-sell them throughout their distribution network. Because the bars are each independently inspected, quality and authenticity are both fully assured.

Details of Generic 100 Ounce Silver Bars

There are a wide variety of styles employed on 100 ounce silver bars. Most are spartan and merely display the name of the refiner, the .999 or higher silver fineness, and the weight of 100 troy ounces of silver. Other examples feature artwork and some have designs on the back side of the bar, as well. Many of the mints that produced these bars are no longer extant, so when you buy 100 ounce silver bars online you can occasionally come across a glimpse of the past.

Investing in 100 Ounce Silver Bars

These 100 oz silver bars are the cheapest way to buy silver bullion online. Because they are of older manufacture, they trade really close to the current spot silver price. Even newly-minted 100 ounce silver bars have a higher price premium than these bars. All of these 100 oz silver bars are at least 99.9% pure silver and each contains exactly 100 ounces of silver. Silver, like all precious metals, is a great store of value and a wonderful hedge against inflation.

Buying 100 oz Silver Bars Online from CBMint — Shipping and Insurance

When you buy one of these generic 100 ounce silver bars online from CBMint, we select a bar from our inventory, always selecting the lowest-cost bar first. Your order is then placed in protective packaging and shipped direct to your doorstep. Being one of the best places to buy silver bars online, we offer free shipping and insurance to customers in the continental United States.

Help with Buying Silver Bars Online

These low-cost bars appeal to experienced investors looking to buy silver bullion as cheaply as possible. Part of being the best online silver dealer is CBMint’s industry-leading customer resource center. We feature an Investors Guide, a FAQ, a Glossary, and a Product Information Page, any of which may be able to assist you. Additional help with buying silver bullion online can be found through our Contact Us page, through our Live Chat feature, or simply by calling the CBMint toll-free number at 214-597-1571, where you can speak to a live representative.

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