Buy Gold and Silver in Tennessee

Buy Bullion in TennesseeGranted statehood in 1796, Tennessee has played an important role in the development of many American styles of music. Both Memphis and Nashville have been hubs for musical genres. Major industries include electrical power generation, textiles, and beef cattle, and the state is home to many large corporations.

Long ago, there were attempts to mine gold and silver in Tennessee. Today, gold and silver are still popular, albeit in bullion form. There are many top gold and silver dealers in Tennessee, especially in the Memphis and Nashville metro areas.

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Are There Taxes on Buying Gold and Silver Bullion in Tennessee?

There are currently no sales tax exemptions when you buy silver and gold in Tennessee. Coins, paper currency, and other numismatic items are also not exempt. All purchases are subject to the state sales tax of 7%. County and local sales and use taxes can bring that total even higher.

CBMint is not based in Tennessee, so residents of Tennessee do not have to pay any sales taxes when buying bullion online from CBMint. Please feel free to Browse our Selection of tax-free bullion products. More about the applicable laws regarding investing in silver and gold in Tennessee can be read here:

Please note, we are not tax professionals or experts. Individuals are sometimes liable to pay local Use taxes. Contact your state and local tax authorities for all laws concerning taxes when buying bullion locally in Tennessee.

Local Gold and Silver Dealers in Ohio, by City:

  • Memphis
  • Nashville
  • Chattanooga
  • Knoxville
  • Clarksville


Featured Gold and Silver Dealers in Tennessee (TN)

Listed below is a small sample of featured bullion and coin dealers in Tennessee. If you would like to suggest any additional Tennessee coin or bullion stores to add to this list, feel free to Contact CBMint and let us know.

The Coin Purse

A Nashville staple for nearly forty years, the Coin Purse is among the best coin dealers in Tennessee, and is in contention for being the largest coin dealer in Nashville. Their large selection of historic and rare coins appeals to both beginning collectors and experienced investors. Their vast selection is hard to describe in its entirety, but includes proof coins, graded coins, NGC and PCGS certified coins, Morgan silver dollars, Peace dollars, 90% junk silver coins, large and small cents, and much more.

The Coin Purse is also one of the largest and best gold and silver dealers in Nashville, TN, with a large range of bullion products including, but not limited to, American Eagles, Gold Krugerrands, Canadian Maple Leafs, silver bars, fractional gold bars, platinum coins, and precious metals jewelry. Their selection is always changing, so be sure to visit their giant showroom to see what is on hand. They list current gold, silver, and platinum spot prices in the store.

4117 Hillsboro Pike
Nashville, TN 37215
(615) 269-6700

Nashville Coin Gallery

Located in a Nashville suburb, the Nashville Coin Gallery specializes in precious metals, and is one of the largest and best silver and gold dealers in Tennessee. Their wide selection of bullion includes many silver and gold coins, such as American Eagles, Canadian Maple Leafs, Austrian Philharmonics, Mexican Libertads, South African Gold Krugerrands, and Chinese Gold and Silver Pandas. They also sell and buy silver bars and rounds, gold bars, and platinum bars and coins.

The Nashville Coin Gallery is known for their low prices on silver and gold bullion, and for the high prices they pay when they buy bullion from the public. Their website lists prices on many products, along with current spot silver and gold prices.

330 Mayfield Drive #A-14
Franklin, TN 37067
(615) 764-0331

Nashville Coin and Currency

Also located in the greater Nashville area, Nashville Coin and Currency concentrates on collectible coinage, and has become one of the best coin dealers in Tennessee. Doing business for more than three decades, they offer an extremely large selection of historic and rare US and foreign coins. Included are common staples, such as Morgan silver dollars, Walking Liberty silver half-dollars, rare cents, nickels, and dimes, as well as proof coins and mint sets.

Nashville Coin and Currency also buys and sells gold and silver bullion coins and bars, paper currency, tokens, colonial coinage, and other numismatic collectibles. Included in their bullion coins are American Eagles, Canadian Maple Leafs, gold Krugerrands, and world silver and gold coins.

7003 Chadwick Drive #154
Brentwood, TN 37027
(615) 377-4949

Kit's Coins

Kit's Coins has been a top Tennessee coin dealer for over four decades, and are experts at appraising and grading coins. Their specialty is rare investment-grade coins for high end investors. They also buy and sell scrap gold and silver, jewelry, diamonds, and gold and silver bullion. Kit's Coins has an espeically large collection of Peace and Morgan silver dollars, along with a wide range of other pre-1964 silver US coinage. They buy bullion and coins from the public, so their selection frequently changes.

7600 Oak Ridge Highway
Knoxville, TN 37931
(865) 599-4915

Mid-South Coin Company

Mid-South is a large coin dealer in Memphis, Tennessee. They focus on rare US coins, including proof coins, mint sets, silver dollars, pre-1933 US gold coins, and 90% silver coins. They also sell paper currency, foreign collectible coins, jewelry, numismatic tokens, and gold, silver, and platinum bullion. Included in the latter are staples like American Silver and Gold Eagles, Gold Krugerrands, Canadian Maple Leafs, Gold Libertads, and other precious metals bullion coins. Many of their numismatic and bullion coins are certified, and Mid-South also offers appraisals. They post the current spot silver price and gold price in their store.

3894 Park Avenue
Memphis, TN 38111
(901) 324-2244