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Buy Bullion in New HampshireNew Hampshire was the first British colony to break away from the mother country, and later became one of the original 13 US states. Formerly home to many manufacturing industries, lately the economy of New Hampshire has shifted to the production of industrial machinery, rubber, electrical equipment, and agriculture products. Tourism is also an inreasingly large sector of the economy.

Gold and silver mining have never had much presence in the state, although there are several top gold and silver dealers in New Hampshire, along with a good number of great coin dealers.

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Are There Taxes on Buying Gold and Silver Bullion in New Hampshire?

Currently, the state has no sales tax, so it is easy to buy cheap silver and gold in New Hampshire. This lack of sales tax often attracts large New England coin shows and auctions. Buying gold and silver in New Hampshire is also tax-free, so many New England buyers who invest in precious metals make the journey to the state in order to save money when they buy physical gold, silver, and platinum bullion. Numismatic items, such as rare coins, tokens, paper currency, and other collectibles are also tax-free in New Hampshire. So far, efforts to install a New Hampshire sales tax have failed, but this does not prevent such an occurrence from happening in the future.

CBMint is not based in New Hampshire, so residents of New Hampshire do not have to pay any sales taxes when buying bullion online from CBMint. Please feel free to Browse our Selection of tax-free bullion products. You can read more about the tax laws on buying bullion in New Hampshire here:

Please note, we are not tax professionals or experts. Individuals are sometimes liable to pay local Use taxes. Contact your state and local tax authorities for all laws concerning taxes when buying bullion locally in New Hampshire.

List of New Hampshire Cities with Gold and Silver Dealers

  • Portsmouth
  • Concord
  • Manchester


Featured Gold and Silver Dealers in New Hampshire (NH)

Listed below is a small sample of featured bullion and coin dealers in New Hampshire. If you would like to suggest any additional New Hampshire coin or bullion stores to add to this list, feel free to Contact CBMint and let us know.

Coin and Stamp Shop

A Manchester, New Hampshire coin dealer, the Coin and Stamp shop specializes in rare coins and collectible stamps. Their coin selection concentrates on historic US coins, such as Morgan silver dollars, Peace silver dollars, cents, silver half-dollars, and much more. They also carry a range of rare foreign coins. In addition to collecting supplies, they also buy and sell gold and silver bullion, especially in coin form. Included are American Eagles, Canadian Maple Leafs, gold Krugerrands, and many more world silver and gold coins. Silver bars and gold ingots are also available. Uniquely, they carry "starter sets" for beginning coin collectors, each set containing a range of old US coins. Their website lists current gold and silver bullion prices, as well as prices for many of their products. 

300 Granite Street
Manchester, NH 03102
(800) 499-2440

Rare Coins of New Hampshire

One of the best coin dealers in New Hampshire, Rare Coins specializes in rare and valuable US coinage. Included are certified coins, proof coins, mint sets, Morgan silver dollars, exonumia, cents, dimes, nickels, 90% silver coins, and Franklin and Kennedy silver halves. They also buy and sell rare colonial coins, world coins, and silver and gold commemorative coins. They do offer gold and silver bullion, usually in coin format. Rare Coins of New Hampshire is known for having some of the cheapest gold and silver bullion in the region. They back all of their numismatic coins with a 30-day return policy, and their professional staff offers appraisals and investment advice.

28 Jones Road
Milford, NH 03055
(800) 225-7264

Seacoast Coin and Jewelry

Seacoast is an NGC and PCGS authorized New Hampshire coin dealer, with a large selection of historic and rare coins, including both United States coins and world coins. They offer coin appraisals and grading services, with an emphasis on US coinage. They also buy and sell scrap gold and silver jewelry, precious metals bullion, paper currency, collecting supplies, and silver and gold bars.

Seacoast Coin frequently updates current gold and silver prices, but because the markets are not open on the weekend, they only buy and sell gold and silver bullion on the weekdays. Despite this limitation, their low prices on silver and gold products make them one of the best gold and silver dealers in New Hampshire. Among the bullion offerings you can find at Seacoast Coin and Jewelry are American Eagles, gold Krugerrands, Chinese Pandas, Gold Buffalos, Canadian Maple Leafs, and much more.

725 Lafayette Road
Hampton, NH 03842
(603) 926-7771

Village Coin Shop

Since the 1950s, the Village Coin Shop has been one of the best coin shops in New Hampshire, with a great array of historic and rare US coins. Their numismatic offerings include proof coins, silver and gold commemorative coins, mint sets, slabbed coins, 90% silver coins, silver dollars, investment-grade coins, and foreign coins. They also sell coin collecting supplies, paper currency, and metal detectors. Village Coin is a PCGS and NGC approved dealer, and offers coin grading service and appraisals. Some of their items are available for purchase on their website, but to see the full selection you need to visit their storefront.

51 Plaistow Road
Plaistow, NH 03865
(603) 382-5492

Bruce Breton and Company

Bruce Breton & Co is a full-service coin dealer in Nashua, NH, doing business since the 1970s. They offer coin grading and appraisal services, collecting supplies, and investing advice. Their showroom cointains a large number of rare US coins, paper currency, proof coins, and precious metal bullion. Their bullion selection is compraised mainly of bullion coins, such as American Eagles, silver and gold world coins, Canadian Maple Leafs, Chinese Pandas, and South African Gold Krugerrands. They are renowned for having competitively-low prices on gold and silver bullion coins. They actively sell and buy precious metals bullion and coins with the public, so their wide selection is always changing.

427 Amherst Street
Nashua, NH 03063
(603) 882-2050