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Buy Bullion in NevadaNevada is nicknamed the Silver State, for obvious reasons. Nevada has huge silver deposits and several silver rushes occured throughout Nevada during the history of the state. Nevada also has large gold deposits and if it was a separate country, Nevada would be the fourth-largest gold producer in the world. Millions of troy ounces of gold and silver are mined every year in Nevada.

Nevada has a large population, but it is not evenly-distributed. Most of the population of Nevada lives in Clark County, where Las Vegas and Henderson are located. Las Vegas alone brings in billions of dollars to the economy of Nevada, and given the huge number of pawn shops and gold and silver dealers in Las Vegas alone, it is not surprising that it is easy to sell and buy gold and silver in Nevada.

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Are There Taxes on Buying Gold and Silver Bullion in Nevada?

Sales taxes regarding coin and bullion purchases in Nevada changed recently, in 2011, causing much confusion among coin dealers, as well as gold and silver dealers in Nevada. The current law states that bullion products that derive all of their value from their metal content are exempt from state sales taxes. Typical products that fit this description are gold and silver bars and rounds, as they have no face value and little value other than the precious metal content.

Gold, silver, and platinum bullion coins are, unfortunately, subject to sales taxes in Nevada as the law decrees that any coin with a face value is subject to tax if its actual value exceeds its face value by more than 50%. The law can be read in its entirety here:

Sales taxes in Nevada vary, depending on the county. The lowest sales tax rate we found was 6.85%, and the highest was the Clark County sales tax rate of 8.1%. Because this includes the Las Vegas metro area, where many of the best gold and silver dealers in Nevada are located, many of the bullion purchases in Nevada are subject to a high sales tax.

Luckily, CBMint is not based in the state of Nevada, so residents of Nevada are not subject to any sales taxes when buying bullion online from CBMint. Please feel free to Browse our Huge Selection of entirely fax-free bullion products.

Please note, we are not tax professionals or experts. Individuals are sometimes liable to pay local Use taxes. Contact your state and local tax authorities for all laws concerning taxes when buying coins and bullion locally in Nevada.

List of Nevada Cities with Gold and Silver Dealers

  • Las Vegas
  • Henderson
  • Reno
  • North Las Vegas


Featured Gold and Silver Dealers in Nevada (NV)

This is a lsit of featured bullion and coin dealers in the state of Nevada. Should you wish to recommend any Nevada coin and bullion stores to add to this list, please feel free to Contact CBMint.

Gold and Silver Pawn Shop

The subject of a extremely popular hit TV show, the Gold and Silver Pawn Shop is, nevertheless, one of the top gold and silver dealers in Las Vegas. With a professional staff and a huge selection of coins and bullion products, Gold and Silver Pawn also features a top-notch website with a product catalog. Though they deal in a wide-range of products of all types, the ownership is extremely knowledgeable about coins and bullion. 

713 S Las Vegas Boulevard
Las Vegas, NV 89101
(702) 385-7912

Round 'Em Up Coins

Specializing in bullion, Round 'Em Up Coins is one of the best gold and silver dealers in Las Vegas. They are famous for offering high prices for silver bullion products, but also buy gold bullion and other types of bullion from the public. This ensures that they have a wide range of products available at any one time. Round 'Em Up also buys and sells collectible coins, though their focus remains on selling and buying gold and silver in Nevada.

5310 West Sahara Avenue
Las Vegas, NV 89146
(702) 538-9938

Nevada Coin and Jewelry

For over 30 years, Nevada Coin and Jewelry has been a fixture in downtown, and remains one of the best gold and silver coin dealers in Las Vegas. They offer a large range of gold coins, including Canadian Gold Maple Leafs, American Gold Eagles, and world gold coins such as the Krugerrand and the Gold Philharmonic. They also use state of the art x-ray equipment to accurately measure the quality and quantity of gold they buy from the public, allowing them to pay more per troy ounce of gold than most of their competitors.

6380 West Flamingo Road #B
Las Vegas, NV 89103

Sahara Coins and Extraordinary Collectibles

Sahara Coins has been one of the top coin and bullion dealers in Las Vegas since the 1970's. They have a massive selection of collectible coins, as well as gold and silver bullion. They actively buy and trade with the public, so their selection is always changing. Their wide product offerings include rare US Coins, proof coins, mint sets, paper money, and collecting supplies. Their bullion offerings are also expansive, including gold and silver bars, coins, and rounds, as well as platinum and palladium bullion products. Sahara Coins offers free coin appraisals, and their easy to use website is full of product information.

7293 West Sahara Avenue #106
Las Vegas, NV 89117
(702) 367-4360

American Coin Express

American Coin Express concentrates on US collectible coinage, and they actively work with their customers to locate hard to find issues. Their in-store selection includes US gold coinage, Morgan silver dollars, Peace dollars, and 90% silver US coinage. Based on Sunset Road in Las Vegas, American Coin Express is also a gold and silver dealer, with a selection of precious metal bars, coins, and rounds. American Coin Express also offers its customers free appraisals.

3110 East Sunset Road #E
Las Vegas, NV 89120
(702) 586-2600

Northwest Territorial Mint

Though still headquartered in the sate of Washington, and discussed at length on the Local Washington Bullion Guide, the Northwest Territorial Mint actually has their production facilities in the state of Nevada. NWT manufactures a huge range of gold, silver, platinum and palladium bullion bars and rounds. They also produce specialty precious metals products such as medals and awards. NWT produces much of its bullion under the "Pan American Silver" name, with its distinctive silver hammer logo. Gold and silver rounds and bars produced by NWT range in size from 5 grams up to 100 ounces.

80 East Airpark Vista Boulevard
Dayton, NV 89403
(800) 843-9854

Nevada Coin Minting

Nevada Coin Minting is relatively unknown, yet they are one of the largest private mints in the United States. Nevada Coin Minting produces a range of both precious and non-precious metal rounds, and token, and medallions. Many of their products are struck in gold or silver, but they also use base metals, especially for their vast production of gaming tokens.

PO Box 46110
Las Vegas, NV 89114