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Who is the United States Mint?

Created in 1792 by an act of the US Congress, the United States Mint is tasked with producing circulating coinage to facilitate the trade and commerce of the United States of America. The US Mint, one of the largest sovereign mints in the world, also produces a wide range of bullion coins in gold, silver, and platinum. Both bullion and circulation coins produced by the US Mint are known for their high quality, striking designs, and longevity. CBMint is the best place to buy US Mint coins online, featuring low prices on US Mint silver, gold, and platinum coins, and a large and detailed product selection. Though in this category we only highlight coins currently produced by the US Mint, a separate United States Mint Historic Coins Section is also available. 

History of the United States Mint

Today, the United States Mint is headquartered in Washington, D.C., though no coins are struck here. The former headquarters of the mint was the main branch building in Philadelphia, where coins are still produced. Other current branches of the US Mint are located in Denver, San Francisco, and West Point, along with the US bullion depository at Fort Knox, Kentucky. In the past, the US Mint had branches in several other locations, often coinciding with the local availability of precious and base metals for striking the coins. Former US Mint branches include Carson City, Nevada, New Orleans, Louisiana, Charlotte, North Carolina, Dahlonega, Georgia, and even a branch located in Manila, in the Philippines. Though these branches are long closed, many highly-collectible coins still carry the mint marks of these long-vanished mints: "CC" for Carson City coins, "O" for New Orleans coins, "C" for Charlotte coins, "M" for Manila coins, and "D" for Dahlonega coins. The latter could be confused with Denver Mint coins, which also bear the "D" mint mark, though Dahlonega only produced gold coins.

Current Operations of the United States Mint

The Philadelphia branch of the US Mint is still the largest facility, and coins that are manufactured here now bear the "P" mint mark, though for a long time Philadelphia branch coins bore no mint mark. The Philadelphia branch also manufactures the master dies used in the creation of US circulation and bullion coins. The San Francisco Branch, which was the first US Mint branch, no longer produces circulation or bullion coinage, instead focusing on proof coins and mint sets. The West Point branch, the newest, stores part of the gold bullion reserves of the United States, and Gold Eagle, Silver Eagle, and Platinum Eagle coins are minted here. The Denver branch, similar to the Philadelphia branch, produces circulation and commemorative coinage. For Knox, though a US Mint facility, produces no coinage -- instead, it serves as the bullion depository of the United States (and several other nations), storing the US gold and silver bullion reserves.

How Do I Buy Coins Made by the US Mint?

Contemporary US Mint circulation coins are easy to obtain, as they circulate freely and are not expensive to acquire. Former US Mint circulation coinage often has tremendous numismatic value, and can only be acquired at a coin dealer, an estate sale, coin auction, or via private sale. Collectible United States coinage is a hobby for millions of people around the world, and high-end investment grade coins often fetch extremely high prices. Examples include high-grade Morgan Silver Dollars, Silver Peace Dollarspre-1933 US gold coins, (such as St. Gaudens Double Eagles), Seated Liberty coins, US Half-Cents, Large Cents, Two and Three Cent pieces, Trade Dollars, and silver half-dollars. Visit your local coin shop and you can see the wide array of historic coins once produced by the United States Mint.

Buying US Mint bullion coins is easy, as the Mint actively produces silver, gold, and platinum bullion coins on a yearly basis. CBMint has a relationship with the United States Mint that allows us to keep these beautiful precious metal bullion coins in stock. Being an online dealer, CBMint is able to offer very low price premiums on US Mint coins, enabling our customers to buy US Mint coins very inexpensively.

Buying US Mint Coins Online

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