Buy Gold and Silver in Houston, Texas

Buying Gold and Silver in Houston, TexasHouston is the largest city in the state of Texas and one of the largest in the US. Houston is a center of transportation, industry, and business, and there are many top coin and bullion dealers in Houston, TX. The suburbs around Houston also host some of the best precious metals dealers in Texas. Please note that coin and bullion purchases in Houston are often subject to the 8.25% sales tax in the city.

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Find Gold and Silver Dealers in Houston, TX

Below you can find a list of top coin and precious metals dealers in Houson, Texas. If you would like to suggest any additional Houston coin or bullion stores to add to this list, feel free to Contact CBMint and let us know.

Southwest Bullion and Coin

One of the best gold and silver dealers in Houston, Southwest Bullion focuses primarily on precious metals, though they do carry a selection of numismatic coins, as well. Their bullion offerings include silver and gold bars, silver rounds, junk silver, scrap precious metal, and bullion coins, such as US Silver Eagles, Canadian Maple Leaf coins, Gold Krugerrands, Austrian Philharmonics, American Gold Eagles, and even platinum coins and bars. Southwest Bullion & Coin is known for having low prices on gold and silver bullion.

15115 Westheimer Road #R
Houston, TX 77082
(702) 340-6700

Houston Gold and Silver

The aptly-named Houston Gold and Silver concentrates on physical precious metals for investors, including many sizes of gold and silver bars, from tiny 1 gram gold bars up to large gold and silver bars. They also carry an extensive range of silver & gold bullion coins, such as American Gold Eagles, Silver Maple Leafs, British Gold Britannias, and Gold Krugerrands. They also buy and sell silver rounds, 90% junk silver coins, scrap gold and silver, and some gold jewelry. Houston Gold and Silver is known for their low bullion prices and expert knowledge, and has gained the reputation of being one of Houston's best bullion dealers.

19333 North Highway 59
Humble, TX 77338
(281) 361-3377

The Texas Gold and Silver Group

One of the top precious metals dealers in Houston, Texas, the Texas Gold and Silver Group specializes in all forms of bullion, including palladium and platinum. They buy and sell bullion bars, rounds, coins, scrap gold, silver and gold jewelry, and silver flatware. Their expert staff conducts appraisals, provides precious metals IRA investment advice, and offers good prices on their bullion products. Their extensive bullion selection includes all sizes of silver, gold, and platinum bars, as well as bullion coin staples such as American Silver Eagles, Krugerrands, Austrian Philharmonics, Canadian Maple Leafs, and Australian Gold Kangaroos and Koalas.

10252C Almeda Genoa Road
Houston, TX 77075
(713) 378-0568

Royal Coins

Royal Coins is one of the best coin shops in Houston, focusing on rare numismatic coins instead of silver & gold bullion. Royal Coins has an extensive selection of rare and valuable coins, including slabbed coins, proof coins, US Mint sets, small and large cents, nickels, 90% silver coinage, Morgan Silver Dollars, Peace Dollars, and pre-33 US gold coins, such as St. Gaudens Gold Double Eagles. Royal Coins is also known for their selection of extremely rare Confederate coins and Republic of Texas coinage. Despite the numismatic focus, Royal Coins does buy gold and silver bullion, especially coins and rounds. They buy bullion and coins from the Texas public, so their selection is always changing.

4658 Beechnut Road
Houston, TX 77096
(800) 972-6467

The Houston Numismatic Exchange

One of the largest and best-known coin dealers in Houston, TX, the Houston Numismatic Exchange carries a huge array of rare coins and bullion products. Included with the former are investment grade silver dollars, US and world gold coins, ancient coins, proof coins, exonumia, and much more. They also have one of the largest collections of rare paper currency in Texas. Their offerings include many common bullion products, such as small and large silver bars and rounds, gold bars, and silver and gold coins from the US and from around the world. The staff at Houston Numismatic Exchange has the reputation of being extremely helpful, offering appraisals, grading submission services, and advice on investing in gold and silver in Texas.

2486 Times Boulevard
Houston, TX 77005
(800) 231-3650