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Sovereign mints, also called national or government mints, are those that are owned and operated by sovereign governments. Typically, sovereign mints concentrate on the production of legal tender coinage for circulation. However, many sovereign mints also produce precious metals bullion products in gold, silver, platinum, and even palladium. Though sovereign mints occasionally produce a range of bullion bars, much more common are bullion coins, most commonly struck in silver and gold. In most cases, being produced by a sovereign mint endows such coins with a face value and legal tender status. Sovereign mints differ from private mints in that they are generally owned and operated by national governments, not private companies.

Sovereign Mints Around the World

Most large nations have a government mint, though not all of them produce precious metal bullion coins and bars. If you are looking to buy government gold and silver, select any of the sovereign mints from the list below:


Gold, Silver, and Platinum Coins Produced by Sovereign Mints

Often, an act of law by the government in question is required for a sovereign mint to begin production of legal tender bullion coins. Depending on the country, the provisions of the law vary, but in nearly all cases the bullion coins produced, though intended mainly for investment purposes, carry a face value and possess legal tender status. Often such laws carry other provisions -- for example, official Canadian silver coins must be struck from silver sources obtained only in Canada.

Being official coinage, bullion coins employ beautiful and historic designs, often commemorating famous tenets of history in the country of manufacture. Occasionally, such as with the American Eagles, designs formerly used on old circulation coinage are reused. Despite having legal tender status and a face value, bullion coins are primarily intended for those who invest in precious metals. As such, the purity of such coins is always high -- typically .999 or higher in the case of silver and gold bullion coins.

Bullion Bars Produced by Sovereign Mints

Though less common, several sovereign mints, such as the Royal Canadian Mint, produce gold, silver, and platinum bars in parallel with their bullion coins. Unlike the coins, bullion bars have no nominal face value or legal tender status, despite being produced by a government mint. These products are manufactured only for buyers who invest in precious metals. Some investors prefer gold and silver bars made by government mints, as, opposed to those made by private mints, quality, purity, and authenticity of such bars are far easier to oversee.

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