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The South African Mint

The South African Mint, headquartered in Centurion, near Pretoria, is a sovereign mint wholly owned by the government of South Africa through the South African Reserve Bank. The South African Mint is charged with producing all of the circulation coinage used by South Africa, as well as bullion coins and commemorative coins. The most famous product of the South African Mint is the Gold Krugerrand bullion coin, which has been produced in several different sizes over the years. The famous Krugerrand was the first modern gold bullion coin to appear on the market, first being minted in 1967.

History and Current Operations of the The South African Mint

In 1961, South Africa replaced the British Pound with a decimal currency, the Rand, and the South African Mint was charged with producing various denominations of coins in the new currency. Briefly, gold coins with denominations of 1 Rand and 2 Rand were issued, but those were superseded by the Gold Krugerrand, especially once the smaller, fractional denominations of the Krugerrand began to appear. Today, in addition to Gold Krugerrands and domestic coins, the South African Mint is also contracted to produce the circulation coinage for many countries in Africa, Asia, and even Europe.

How Do I Buy Coins Made by The South African Mint?

The South African Mint does not sell coins directly to the public, rather, they employ a worldwide network of distributors to market South African gold coins and circulation coins. CBMint, being the best place to buy South African gold coins online, sources all products, including the gold Krugerrand, direct from an official distributor, who, in turn, obtains their coins direct from the South African Mint. This tight supply chain ensures the quality and authenticity of all South African Mint coins. Additionally, gold Krugerrands circulate freely on the secondary bullion market, making them available in most major coin shops.

Buying South African Mint Coins Online

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