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100 Ounce Silver Bullet - 30 mm Autocannon - Side

100 Ounce Silver Bullet - 30 mm Autocannon

Sunshine Mint 5 Ounce Silver Bar - Dual

5 Ounce Sunshine Mint Silver Bar

Ohio Precious Metals 100 Ounce Silver Bar

Ohio Precious Metals -- Leading Refiner of Silver Bullion | 100 Ounces of Silver - .999+ Fineness | Authenticity and Silver Content Guaranteed
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*** End of Summer Special. Only $0.75 per Oz over spot! While supplies last. ***

The OPM 100 Ounce Silver Bar is a top-selling silver bullion bar, purchased by buyers who heavily invest in silver bullion. Ohio Precious Metals is one of the leading refiners of precious metals in North America. Their state of the art manufacturing facility uses both new and recycled sources of silver, and produces silver bullion bars at a very low cost. CBMint strives to be the best online silver dealer, and we happily offer these bars with very low price premiums. We obtain them directly from OPM, ensuring product quality and authenticity.

Details of the OPM 100 Ounce Silver Bar

The OPM 100 Ounce Silver Bar follows the same design pattern as other OPM bars, including the OPM 1 kilo silver bar. The front is adorned only with the mint name, the weight (in troy ounces of silver), and the .999+ silver fineness. The bars have a snowy, matte-style finish, and are easy to stack and store.

Investing in 100 Ounce Silver Bars

The cheapest way to invest in silver bullion is to buy large silver bars, such as these 100 ounce silver bars. The per-ounce of silver price premiums are reduced on large silver bars, so you end up paying less per ounce than if you bought 100 1 ounce silver bars, for example. The price savings allow investors to buy silver bullion more cheaply. Coupled with the built-in cost savings for buying bullion online from CBMint, there is no cheaper way to purchase silver bullion in bulk. With silver prices still low, it is a great time to stock up on silver bullion.

Buying 100 oz Silver Bars Online from CBMint -- Shipping and Insurance

After you buy 100 oz silver bars online from CBMint, we immediately prepare your order for shipment. True to our reputation of being one of the best places to buy silver bullion online, we offer free shipping and insurance to customers in the continental United States. Your order is placed in protective packaging and shipped, discretely and directly, right to your doorstep.

Help with Buying Silver Bars Online

Despite current silver spot prices being low, buying 100 ounces of silver is still a worthy bullion investment. Part of being the best online silver dealer is our customer service -- should you have any questions about these 100 oz silver bars, we feature an Investors Guide, a FAQ, a Glossary, and a Product Information Page, any of which may be able to assist you. Additional help with buying silver bullion online can be found through our Contact Us page, through our Live Chat feature, or simply by calling the CBMint toll-free number at 1-866-300-0504, where you can speak to a live representative.

More Information
Weight 100 Ounces
Mint Ohio Precious Metals
Fineness .9999
Thickness 17.8 mm