2017 1 Ounce Canadian Silver Maple Leaf

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Weight: 1 Ounce
Diameter: 38 mm
Mint: Royal Canadian Mint
Fineness: .9999
Thickness: 3.15 mm
Year: 2017
Edge: Reeded

The 2017 1 ounce Canadian Silver Maple Leaf is the newest installment in one of the most successful bullion coin series in the world. Manufactured from 99.99% pure silver instead of the industry-standard 99.9%, the 1 Ounce Silver Maple Leaf coin has the highest silver purity of any standard-release silver bullion coin. Although the 2016 1 Ounce Silver Maple Leaf is legal tender in Canada and carries a face value of 5 Canadian Dollars, the coins are mainly intended for buyers who look to invest in silver -- the value of the Silver Maple Leaf is directly tied to the current silver price.

Details of 2017 Silver Maple Leaf Coins

The 2017 Silver Maple Leaf is the latest issue in the Maple Leaf series that features significant design changes. Although the motif remains the same, the surface of both sides of the coin is not smooth, like previous mint years of Silver Maple Leafs. Instead, both sides have a groove pattern that radiates from the center out towards the edge of the coin. This is done as a security feature, making it much harder to counterfeit the new Silver Maple Leafs.

As stated, the design motif remains unaltered. The obverse shows an "Old Portrait" profile view of Queen Elizabeth II, as well as the mint year and the face value. The reverse is still taken up by an image of the iconic Canadian Maple Leaf, as well as the weight and silver fineness. The same overall design is repeated on current-issue Gold Maple Leafs. This listing is only for the 2016 Silver Maple Leaf -- if you are looking for a Silver Maple Leaf with a different mint year, please view the non-date specific Canadian Silver Maple Leaf listing on CBMint.

Investing in Silver Maple Leaf Coins

People wishing to invest in silver often prefer these Uncirculated Silver Maple Leaf coins because of their higher silver purity. The Silver Maple Leaf has its silver content, purity, and authenticity fully guaranteed by the Royal Canadian Mint. With the current spot price of silver being relatively low, most investors expect the silver price to rise in the near future, so buying 1 Ounce Silver Maple Leafs online at CBMint is an inexpensive method to boost your silver bullion collection with top-quality coins.

The Royal Canadian Mint also issues many special versions of the Silver Maple Leaf, such as hologram versions and proof versions. These special issues have extra numismatic value and are intended mainly for coin collectors. However, any version of the 2016 1 oz Silver Maple Leaf is quite valuable and collectible and can make a great gift idea.

Purchasing Silver Maple Leafs Online from CBMint -- Shipping and Insurance

When you buy Silver Maple Leafs Online from CBMint and complete checkout, your order is promptly prepared for shipment. Your 2015 Silver Maple Leafs are placed in protective packaging, and discretely and securely shipped directly to your address. All CBMint bullion orders are fully insured while they are in transit, regardless of the order size, and shipping to customers in the continental United States is always free.

Help with Buying Silver Maple Leafs Online

CBMint strives to be the best online silver dealer. To meet that end, we feature myriad online resources to help our customers, such as our online FAQ, our Product Information Page, our Investing Guide, or our Glossary. More help when buying 2015 Silver Maple Leafs can be found on our Contact Us page, through our Live Chat feature, or simply by calling the CBMint toll-free number at 1-866-300-0504.