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  1. 2012 1 oz Silver Britannia - Reverse

    1 Ounce Silver Britannia


    Official Silver Bullion Coin of the United Kingdom | 1 Troy Ounce of Silver - 99.9% Fine | Historic and Iconic Design Buy Now
  2. 2014 1 Oz Silver Britannia - Reverse

    2015 1 Ounce Silver Britannia


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    Silver Version of Iconic British Britannia | 1 Troy Ounce of Silver - 99.9% Pure | Design Which Changes Every Two Years Buy Now

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Purchasing British Silver Britannias

The British Silver Britannia is a bullion coin that has been issued by the Royal Mint since 1997. Unlike many government-issued silver coins, the Britannia is available in many sizes other than just the common Britannia, containing exactly 1 troy ounce of silver. Though the 1 ounce silver Britannia remains by far the most common denomination, fractional versions of ½ ounce, ¼ ounce, and ⅒ ounce are also minted. All sizes of Silver Britannia have a nominal face value, have their purity and silver content guaranteed by the Royal Mint, and are legal tender within the United Kingdom.


Obverse:  Queen Elizabeth II in profile. Design date:  2009.

Reverse:  In even-numbered years a standing Britannia figure is displayed. In odd-numbered years, a unique, and non-repeating depiction of the Britannia figure is featured.

Between 1997 and 2012 the silver Britannia was produced with a silver fineness of 95.8%, known as Britannia Silver. Starting with the 2013 Silver Britannia, the Royal Mint has matched standard practice and Silver Britannia bullion coins are now 99.9% silver.

Investing in Silver Britannia Bullion Coins

For United States buyers and collectors, Silver Britannias were difficult to come by until recent years, as coin shops and bullion stores often did not carry the coins, or did only in small numbers. Online stores like CBMint, however, can obtain the Silver Britannia coins in large numbers direct from the Royal Mint, opening the door for investors who buy silver coins online to purchase these beautiful coins in a variety of sizes and mint years. The Silver Britannia bullion coin series has greatly increased in popularity -- both among collectors who praise the numismatic value of the coin, and among investors who are looking to buy Silver Britannias online, chiefly for the silver content.

Buy Silver Britannias Online

The Britannia was rather late on the bullion scene -- though the gold Britannia has been produced since 1987, ten years passed before a silver version was offered. In a short time, however, the silver Britannia has gained hugely in popularity, in part because of its stunning and beautiful design and the history, security and authority that comes will all coins produced by the British Royal Mint. Today, it is easier than ever to buy the silver Britannia online -- online bullion dealers are the best places to buy silver coins, as they are able to acquire these wonderful coins less expensively than store-based retailers, and are happy to pass these savings on to customers. Should you have questions about buying Silver Britannias online from CBMint, do not hesitate to Contact Us, or call CBMint toll-free at 1-866-300-0504.

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