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Purchasing Canadian Silver Maple Leafs

The Canadian Silver Maple Leaf is a silver bullion coin issued every year since 1988 by the Royal Canadian Mint. Legal tender within Canada, the Silver Maple Leaf has a nominal face value of 5 Canadian dollars and a silver fineness of .9999  – the highest level of silver purity found among international silver bullion coins, which commonly have a silver fineness of .999.


Obverse:  Profile of Queen Elizabeth II in one of three versions, showing the monarch at a different age.  |  Mint date and face value also depicted. |  Designer:  Susanna Blunt

Reverse:  Large image of Maple Leaf, inscription 'Fine Silver 1 oz Argent Pur,' occasional privy mark. Special issues may have holographic or colored reverse.  |  Designer:  Dora de Pedery-Hunt

Investing in Silver Maple Leafs

Throughout the world, these Canadian Silver Maple Leaf bullion coin is one of the most widely-purchased silver bullion pieces. Their 99.99% silver purity is unmatched by few other silver coins, the nominal $5 face value is the highest among silver bullion coins, and the striking and beautiful design stirs numismatic interest from other groups, such as jewelers and coin collectors. Many of these outstanding silver coins had relatively small mintages, providing them with additional numismatic value to collectors. Indeed, until 2006, most years had Silver Maple Leaf mintages of less than 1 million units. Production of Silver Maple Leafs was later ramped up to meet the increased demand – 2011 alone saw mintages of over 23 million coins. Despite this fact, the availability of Silver Maple Leaf bullion coins is narrow on occasion, because investors buy Silver Maple Leafs online in ever-larger amounts.

Rare and Notable Issues of the Canadian Silver Maple Leaf

Over the life of the series, many special issues have been produced. In 1988, a 10 troy-ounce version was produced to mark the coin’s 10th anniversary. In 1999, many Silver Maple Leaf coins were produced with a privy mark to commemorate the program’s 20th Anniversary, whereas, in the year 2000, the Silver Maple Leafs had a privy mark with fireworks. Silver Maple Leafs were also issued to commemorate the Millennium, and are double-dated 1999 and 2000. For several years, Silver Maple Leaf coins were produced that had a colored Maple Leaf and some issues with a holographic Maple Leaf. An Olympic Games series and a wildlife series were also produced for a short time, as well as some privy-marked pieces produced in small numbers only for the European market. All of these special editions are quite rare and have additional value to collectors.

Buying Silver Maple Leafs Online

Though buyers often purchase Silver Maple Leafs online in small numbers, such as one or two coins, investors get a cost discount for ordering in bulk. When ordering 25 Canadian Silver Maple Leaf coins at a time, they ship in sealed Royal Canadian Mint Tubes, guaranteeing uncirculated, mint-condition quality. By ordering 500 Silver Maple Leafs at a time, they ship in their original, sealed Royal Canadian Mint Monster Box, each of which contains 20 Silver Maple Leaf Mint Tubes. Regardless of the number of coins purchased, buying Silver Maple Leafs online is always less expensive than buying bullion in a brick and mortar store. Online stores like CBMint are the best places to buy Silver Maple Leaf coins online, as we have very low overhead and pass those savings on to the customer. With the current spot price of silver sure to increase, buying Silver Maple Leaf coins online is a great way to enhance your silver bullion portfolio with some top-quality silver coins. Should you have any further questions about buying Silver Maple Leafs online from CBMint, please feel free to Contact Us, or call us toll-free at 1-866-300-0504.

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