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  1. 2017 American Silver Eagle - Front

    American Silver Eagle Mint Tube


    Newest Version of Widely-Popular Silver Coin | Sealed 2014 Mint Tube Contains 20 Silver Eagles | 20 Ounces of Silver in Total - 99.9% Pure Buy Now
  2. Mint Tube of 2014 Silver Maple Leafs

    Canadian Silver Maple Leaf Mint Tube - Current Year


    Sealed Mint Tube Contains 25 Canadian Silver Maple Leaf Coins | 25 Troy Ounces of Silver in Total - 99.99% Pure | Direct from Royal Canadian Mint Buy Now
  3. Example Silver Eagle Monster Box

    American Silver Eagle Monster Box


    2016 Silver Eagle Monster Box of 500 Coins | Uncirculated Silver Eagles - Sealed by the US Mint | Most Inexpensive Method to Buy Silver Eagles Online Buy Now
  4. Monster Box of Canadian Silver Maple Leaf Coins - 500 Count

    Canadian Silver Maple Leaf Monster Box of 500 Coins


    Monster Box of 500 Canadian Silver Maple Leaf Coins | Brilliant Uncirculated Silver Maple Leaf Coins in Sealed Box | Buy Inexpensive Silver Maple Leaf Coins Online Buy Now
  5. Monster Box of 2015 American Silver Eagles

    Pre-Order! 2015 Silver Eagle Monster Box


    Pre-Order 2015 Monster Boxes of American Silver Eagle Coins | Uncirculated Silver Eagles - Sealed by the US Mint | Lock In Your Order Before 2015 Silver Eagles are Released in January, 2015 Buy Now

5 Item(s)

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Buying Silver Coins Online with a Bulk Discount

The easiest way to buy cheap silver bullion coins is by making volume purchases. Many mints, including the US Mint, the Royal Canadian Mint, and various European mints offer the best online silver dealers, like CBMint, discounts when buying silver coins in bulk, and these savings are passed directly on to our customers. The mints themselves often package large silver coin orders in tubes and monster boxes, which are less expensive to package and ship than smaller, individual coin orders. For investors planning to purchase silver coins in large numbers, doing so in tube and monster box increments is a great way to save money and enhance purchasing power.

Buying Mint Tubes of Silver Coins

Most major sovereign mints package quantities of 25 or 20 silver coins in hard plastic mint tubes. Usually these are components of larger Monster Boxes, which usually contain 500 coins in total. These tubes are sealed by the mint in order to protect the brilliant uncirculated silver coins inside. Mint tubes containing 20 or 25 silver coins are a great mid-range investment and feature a discount over buying silver coins individually.

Buying Monster Boxes of Silver Coins

Serious investors often buy monster boxes online, which are sealed by the mint of origin and typically contain 500 coins of the same year of manufacture. Buying monster boxes affords an even greater discount than does buying mint tubes, and the monster boxes often ship direct from the mint to the customer. Most commonly purchased are Silver Eagle Monster Boxes and Silver Maple Leaf Monster Boxes. When buying Monster Boxes online, investors are able to purchase silver bullion coins at steeply-discounted prices, often close to the actual current silver spot price.

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