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Silver Bullion Coins

For centuries, silver coins were produced as circulating coinage. Today, however, almost all silver coins are manufactured as silver bullion coins, intended for bullion investment and not circulation. Silver bullion coins have been brought into the mainstream by various sovereign government mints, which have been producing beautiful silver coins for a few decades. Though most silver bars and silver rounds are produced by private mints, silver coins are still the most famous and recognizable silver bullion products on the market. Most silver coins are legal tender within the borders of the issuing country, and possess a nominal face value. This legal tender status ensures, often through law, that the silver content and purity of silver coins are fully guaranteed. This fact alone causes many investors who buy silver online to gravitate towards the security and assurances offered by buying silver bullion coins.

Investing in Silver Coins

Silver coins almost always have beautiful designs, often with a commemorative or historical motif. Although they carry a face value, it would be foolish to spend them as such, as the melt value of silver metal contained in each coin far exceeds the small face value. Indeed, depending on current silver spot prices, the bullion value of a silver coin can be several times higher than the face value. The true worth of a silver coin is its bullion content, which is tied directly to the spot price of silver. However, being official, legal-tender pieces, silver coins maintain some numismatic value and are, therefore, popular among coin collectors as well as investors who buy silver coins online.

Certified Silver Coins

Certified silver coins are coins that have been graded and authenticated by a large and respected grading service, like PCGS or NGC. Coin certification is used more by numismatists than bullion investors, yet many silver investors prefer certified silver coins, as the authenticity and condition of the coin is never in doubt. The issuing agency authenticates the piece, grades it (the standard grading scale is 1 - 70), and protects the coin in hard plastic. These hard, protective plastic slabs also give these types of silver coins their name -- “slabbed” coins.

Buying Silver Coins Online

There is truly a staggering number of silver bullion coins available today, produced by government mints all around the world. Famous examples are the American Silver Eagle, the Canadian Silver Maple Leaf, the Australian Silver Kookaburra, and the Chinese Silver Panda. The Silver Eagles and Silver Maple Leafs are most popular with North American investors who buy silver bullion online, but the coins made by other mints are quickly gaining in popularity. Silver coins minted outside of North America are often categorized as World Silver Coins

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