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Purchasing Silver Collectibles

Improvements in manufacturing techniques have made it possible to produce silver bullion products in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. Recently, many specialty fine silver bullion products have hit the market, including silver bullets, silver novelty items, silver commemorative items, silver medallions, and a variety of other silver bullion trinkets. In the past, such items were laboriously created by making a detailed mold and using the pour method to cast the desired item in silver. Modern methods of silver bullion production involve stamping -- a much more detailed strike is possible than with the pour method. Some silver products, such as silver bullets, take the process even more; a lathe is employed to finely sculpt the desired silver bullion item. The new methods of manufacture have made possible an exciting new range of silver products.

Silver Bullets

Silver bullion bullets have become extremely popular products for bullion investment. Silver bullion bullets are manufactured by private mints, such as NTR and NWTM, and they come in a large range of weights and sizes. The manufacturing process for silver bullets differs from that used on other silver bullion products -- instead of stamping or pouring, silver bullets are produced mainly by using a lathe, which results in highly-accurate bullet replicas. Silver bullets are modeled after real pistol and rifle ammunition, with many different cartridges and calibers available. Typically, the name of the refiner and the silver fineness are stamped on the bottom of the cartridge, around where the primer cap would be located on a real cartridge. Please note that silver bullets are only intended to replicate the appearance of ammunition. These products are not intended or able to actually be fired from a weapon.

Investing in Silver Bullets

Manufactured almost exclusively from 99.9% fine silver, silver bullets are high-quality bullion product and buying silver bullets is a novel way to invest in silver bullion. Unlike some silver coins and silver rounds, which can be rather plain, silver bullets are wonderful conversation pieces and are very collectible. Buyers can purchase silver bullets online by the box, usually containing 20 pieces each, or they can buy silver bullets individually. Valuable not only because of the silver content in each bullet, silver bullets are excellent gift ideas for history buffs, bullion investors, and military and firearms enthusiasts.

Buy Silver Bullets Online

Silver bullets are produced in several different sizes, each of which is modeled after an actual cartridge. The most common sizes are 1 ounce silver bullets, but 2 ounce, 10 ounce and even 25 ounce sizes are available, each produced to mimic an increasingly-larger caliber of pistol or rifle cartridge. Silver bullets have become extremely popular with not only with investors who buy silver online, but also with advocates of gun rights, gift givers, and collectors. Online stores are the best places to buy silver bullets -- you can buy silver bullets online much less expensively than in a physical store, as online stores like CBMint have little overhead and pass those cost savings on to the customer. If you have any questions about buying silver bullets online from CBMint, please do not hesitate to Contact Us, or call CBMint toll-free at 1-866-300-0504.

*Please note:  silver bullion bullets are not real cartridges and have no weapons-related function -- they are silver bullion products only.

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