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Purchasing 5 and 10 Ounce Silver Bars

A silver bullion staple, 10 ounce silver bars are manufactured by most major refiners including NTR, Ohio Precious Metals, Credit Suisse, PAMP, and many more. Most 10 ounce silver bars on the market have a silver fineness of .999 and maintain their value close to the actual silver spot price. 10 oz silver bars have been produced in large numbers for decades and many of the older examples are still widely traded. CBMint, however, only obtains 10 ounce silver bars directly from refiners and their distributors, ensuring full authenticity and product quality. The low price premiums make buying ten ounce silver bars a great way to buy cheap silver bullion online.

Designs Used on Silver Bars

Most 10 oz silver bars have little design adornment, as investors usually buy silver bullion bars online just to acquire the physical precious metal itself. A few examples are produced with beautiful artwork, such as the PAMP series of silver bars. These bars have value to collectors, in addition to their value due to the melt value of silver in each bar. Most common, however, are 10 ounce silver bars with simple designs -- usually just the name of the mint, the silver fineness, and the weight of the bar.

Silver bars are produced via the pouring process or by stamping. Poured bars, sometimes called cast bars, are rare today -- with this method of production, molten silver metal is poured into a mold, where it solidifies. Much more common today are stamped bars, where the silver bar is stamped out of a blank of silver metal.

Investing in Silver Bars

Silver bars, especially those with simple designs, have an important advantage over silver bullion coins -- they are less expensive to manufacture, and, therefore, usually sell much closer to the current spot silver price. While collectors flock to silver bullion coins, the lower cost per troy ounce of silver saves savvy bullion investors much money when they buy silver bars online. Additionally, online stores are the best places to buy silver bars, as they have lower overhead, allowing them to sell silver bullion products with lower premiums than physical coin stores charge.

Buy 5 and 10 Ounce Silver Bars Online

10 oz silver bars are a big hit with bullion investors who purchase silver bullion online. They are easy to store, and contain much more silver than smaller 1 ounce silver bars. They are a great middle-of-the-road bullion investment for all types of buyers -- not too expensive for beginning investors who are buying silver bullion online, yet still a very valuable product for experienced bullion investors. Most major mints produce 10 ounce silver bars, so they are easy to obtain, trade close to the current silver spot prices, and are easy to sell quickly if needed. If you have any further questions about buying 10 ounce silver bars online from CBMint, always feel free to Contact Us or call CBMint toll-free at 1-866-300-0504.

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