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Purchasing 1 Ounce Silver Bars

1 Ounce Silver Bars are one of the most popular bullion products of all time. Produced by a large number of famous mints, including NTR, PAMP, OPM, Johnson and Matthey, and more, these bars each contain exactly 1 troy ounce of silver with a silver fineness of .999. 1 oz silver bars have been manufactured by a huge range of mints and refiners over the decades, many of which are now defunct. CBMint, however, sources all silver bullion bars directly from reputable mints and, therefore, are fully guaranteed to be authentic and contain exactly the stated amount of silver bullion. 1 oz silver bars are manufactured by pouring, a process in which molten silver metal is poured into a mold, or stamping, where the bar is stamped out of a blank planchet of silver metal. Poured bars are rarer, especially small, 1 ounce poured silver bars.

Designs Used on 1 Ounce Silver Bars

1 oz silver bullion bars mainly appeal to investors who buy silver bars online just to obtain the physical silver bullion. Unlike silver bullion coins, which have numismatic value and are collectible, 1 oz silver bars usually have little adornment other than the mint name, silver fineness, and the weight. Though this practice is usually the case, some commemorative and beautiful designs do exist and these often maintain some collectibility on top of their commodity value. Good examples of these types of silver bars are the beautiful 1 ounce silver bars made by Switzerland-based PAMP.

Investing in Silver Bars

Investors consider these products a bullion staple and they buy 1 ounce silver bars online in huge numbers. 1 oz silver bars trade closer to the actual silver spot price than silver bullion coins do, garnering investors significant cost savings per troy ounce of silver purchased. This fact makes buying silver bars online one of the cheapest ways to buy silver bullion online -- online stores are simply the best place to buy silver bars as they are able to operate lean, compared to brick and mortar stores, and the cost savings they incur are passed directly on to the customers.

Buy 1 Ounce Silver Bars Online

1 ounce silver bars are a great way for new investors to begin a bullion portfolio, and CBMint is the best place to buy cheap silver online. 1 ounce silver bars are inexpensive, easy to resell or trade, and are produced by nearly every major private mint. The buyer has a wide-array of brands and designs from which to choose, and they are easy to handle and store due to their relatively small size. Many large bullion collections began modestly, with the investor purchasing 1 ounce silver bars from time to time. Even established bullion investors still buy 1 oz silver bars online, as smaller pieces like these have more utility, and are easier to liquidate than Larger Silver Bars. If you have any questions about buying silver bars online from CBMint, feel free to Contact Us or call CBMint toll-free at 1-866-300-0504.

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