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Purchasing Silver Bullion Online

Silver is one of the four major precious metals and, although the most common of the four, is still quite rare and valuable. The dwindling supply of silver, combined with industrial and investor consumption of the metal means that the current market price of silver will continue to rise. Silver is a commodity, but also has an ISO currency code and is bought and sold as silver bullion. Silver bullion for physical investment is produced in many forms, but the most common are silver coins, silver bars, and silver rounds. Specialty silver bullion products also exist, such as silver bullets. Despite the high value of silver, silver bullion is inexpensive compared to gold and platinum bullion. This fact makes silver a great option for investors looking to buy bullion online -- buying cheap silver is an great option for beginning investors, and a profitable option for seasoned investors who buy inexpensive silver bullion online in large amounts.

In recent years, silver bullion has seen occasional large increases in price, and for good reason -- savvy investors have learned how vulnerable our currencies and economic systems are and are rushing to invest in precious metals as a way to provide financial security. Physically owning silver bullion is a strong defense against inflation and currency devaluation, and buying silver bullion online is the cheapest way to acquire the metal. Online stores like CBMint do not have the high costs that burden brick and mortar stores, allowing us to sell silver bullion to our customers with large price discounts.

Investing in Silver Bullion

CBMint strives to be the best place to buy silver bullion online, and the quality and variety of our silver products is outstanding. Many different mints and refiners manufacture many different types of silver bullion products. Silver coins are official, government-backed pieces manufactured by sovereign mints. Silver bars and silver rounds are mainly produced by private mints, and lack the collectibility that a silver bullion coin can have. CBMint is the best place to buy silver bullion online, as we CBMint obtain all silver bullion products direct from mints and their official distributors, ensuring full product quality and authenticity.

Almost all silver bullion products have a fineness of at least .999, allowing them to be used to fund precious metals IRA accounts in the United States. IRA Silver Investment is one of the most cost-effective and secure ways to invest in silver bullion. The available range of silver bullion products is large, so CBMint organizes all silver products by category, making it easier to browse the full selection. With current spot silver prices sure to increase, buying silver bullion online from CBMint is a great way to add financial security, and to potentially garner large profits. Analyzing Historic and Current Silver Prices is a great way to determine the amount of your investment when you buy silver bullion online.

Buying Silver Bars

Silver bars are one of the most recognizable forms of precious metal bullion. The rectangular and flat shape of silver bars makes them great for storage in a safety deposit box at a bank, in a home safe, or in storage with a dealer. Silver bars range in weight from tiny, 1 gram silver bars, up to massive 1000 kilogram silver bars, such as the COMEX and LBMA Good Delivery bars.

A truly vast number of silver bars have been produced by a huge array of mints over the decades, and even older silver bullion bars still are heavily traded. Older silver bars are often called poured bars, meaning they were formed by pouring molten silver metal into a mold. Most modern silver bars are stamped bars, meaning the bar is stamped out of a blank planchet of silver metal, quite similar to the process for making coins. Nearly all silver bars are at least .999 fine silver and display the name of the mint, the weight, and the silver fineness. Artwork is rare on a silver bullion bar, but some companies, notably PAMP in Switzerland, manufacture silver bullion bars with gorgeous designs. These types of silver bars are often referred to as art bars. Because silver bars are such a ubiquitous bullion product, they are readily available in many different sizes, making buying silver bars online extremely simple.

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Buying Silver Coins

Until quite recently, silver was used as a coinage metal for circulating coins. Today, silver is not used for any standard-issue circulation coinage, so the silver coins that are minted are produced as silver bullion coins, almost all of which are issued by official government mints. These typically have high (.999 or more) silver fineness, government-backed guarantees concerning purity, metal content, and authenticity, and often have legal tender status within the country that issues them. Of course, the melt value of silver contained in any given silver bullion coin is always higher than the nominal face value of such coins, so they are never used to buy goods and services with their face value. Instead, the true worth of each of these silver coins is dependent on the current silver spot price, which is subject to market forces.

Investing in silver coins is essentially similar to investing in silver bars, the main difference being the collectibility a silver coin can have. Famous examples of modern silver bullion coins are the American Silver Eaglethe Canadian Silver Maple Leaf, the British Silver Britannia, and the Chinese Silver Panda. These beautiful silver coins have numismatic value as well as silver value, meaning not just investors, but also collectors buy silver coins online. Mints from all over the world manufacture silver bullion coins. Typically, silver coins produced by a mint outside of North America are categorized as World Silver Coins.

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Buying Silver Rounds

Private mints also manufacture coin-shaped silver bullion products, but these are not technically silver coins, as they have no legal tender status and are not issued by sovereign mints. Instead, these silver products are referred to as silver rounds. In essence, a silver round is merely a silver bar in coin form. Investors buy silver rounds for the same reasons they buy silver bars -- the silver content of each piece. Silver rounds often have beautiful designs, but they often lack the collectibility that a silver coin possesses. This lack of numismatic value makes silver rounds less expensive -- indeed, silver rounds trade much closer to the actual silver spot price than do silver coins, an important fact for investors who buy silver online in bulk. By trading near the current spot silver price, investing in silver rounds is one of the most inexpensive methods to buy silver bullion. Silver rounds have been produced by a huge number of mints over the decades, creating a tremendous variety from which to choose. CBMint, however, only obtains newly-manufactured silver rounds, direct from the mints themselves. This direct business-to-business supply chain ensures full product authenticity and quality.

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Buying Junk Silver and Silver Bullets

Silver bullets are new bullion products and are manufactured by private mints, such as NTR. Silver bullets are replicas of existing firearm cartridges, milled from silver bullion with a fineness of at least .999. Silver bullets are extremely popular with collectors, and many buyers purchase silver bullets as gifts or as a novelty. Please note -- these silver bullets are pure silver metal and have no function related to firearms whatsoever. They are merely replicas, produced from silver bullion.

Junk silver is a loose term that refers to collections of circulation coinage that includes a high proportion of silver. The largest constituent members of junk silver collections are old United States coins -- specifically, dimes, quarters, half-dollars, and dollar coins minted before 1964. Prior to that date, these US coins were produced with an alloy of 90% silver and 10% copper. Though these coins still have legal tender status, the value of silver contained within each coin make them far more valuable as silver bullion. Bags of junk silver are typically sold by the total face value of the coinage. In the case of pre-1964 silver US coins, each $100 of face value contains approximately 71.5 troy ounces of silver.

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History of Silver – Metal That Has Been Valuable for Centuries

Silver, chemical symbol Ag, is a white and lustrous metallic element that was known to the ancients and used in coinage from since at least 700 BC. Indeed, silver metal has always had close ties to currency. In many languages, the word for ‘silver’ and the word for ‘money’ are the same. With contemporary currencies having changed from being backed by silver or gold to being backed by fiat, or government law, silver metal has shifted from a coinage metal to a bullion metal – investors buy silver bullion for its intrinsic and commodity value.

Silver also has important industrial applications due to its unique chemical properties – for example, among all the elements; silver has the highest electrical conductivity. Most silver is produced as a byproduct of gold, zinc, or copper mining, but silver also occurs naturally in its pure form (native silver) in minerals such as argentite, and as an alloy with other metals, such as gold. Silver metal is also greatly used by industry, in such applications as electronics, conductors, paint, solar panels, mirrors, and as a catalyst in chemical reactions. Despite the price of silver per ounce, its unique properties dictate that it shall always have many applications in science and industry. Silver is increasingly used as a chemical catalyst in industrial applications, as well as in the fields of medicine and electronics. Given that these fields, especially microelectronics, are rapidly growing, silver consumption by industry is already pushing up silver prices throughout the world. Combine that fact with the diminishing supply of silver in the world, and it is easy to reach the conclusion that current silver prices shall steadily rise in the future.

Silver has been valued as precious metal since ancient times and has been used in coinage, jewelry, tableware, and, of course, in more modern times as bullion investment material – usually in silver coin or silver bar form. Among the precious metals, silver is usually the least expensive -- coupled with the potential for large growth in silver prices, now is an excellent time for investors to buy silver online. We want to ensure that CBMint is the best place to buy silver bullion online -- if you have any questions or comments about buying silver products online from CBMint, do not hesitate to Contact Us, or call us toll-free at 1-866-300-0504.