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Private mints are privately-held companies that manufacture precious metals bullion products. Unlike sovereign mints, which usually have government backing and legal requirements to produce bullion, private mints produce products of their own design, metal content, and purity, with no legal backing. Despite this fact, competition within the bullion markets forces private mints to maintain a high level of product quality and purity. The other major difference between sovereign mints and private mints is longevity -- sovereign mints, being government institutions, usually outlast private mints, which, being private businesses, come and go over the decades. Private mints are responsible for the production of most of the world's bullion bars and bullion rounds.

Priavte Mints Around the World

Private mints are concentrated in developed nations, where they have easy access to precious metals mine outputs, good infrastructure, and strong markets for bullion products. The large number of private mints ensures that a huge variety of bullion products are available in many different metals. If you are looking to buy private mint bullion, simply select any of the private mints from the list below:


Gold, Silver, and Platinum Rounds Produced by Private Mints

Gold and silver rounds are coin-shaped bullion products made by private mints. Unlike gold coins and silver coins, which are made by sovereign mints and usually have legal tender status, bullion rounds have no face value and no such status, despite often appearing similar to coins. Instead, they are intended mainly for investors who buy precious metals, with the metal content and fineness being more important than any collector or numismatic value. Intended for investment, the purity of bullion rounds is high -- typically .999 or higher in the case of silver rounds, platinum rounds, or gold rounds

Bullion Bars Produced by Private Mints

Though rounds, especially silver rounds, proliferate, the mainstay of most private mint production are bullion bars. Private mint gold and silver bars are extremely common, and platinum, palladium, rhodium, and even copper bars are also produced. Bullion bars are produced in a wide range of sizes, depending on the metal. Purity is almost always high, with 99.9% purity being the lowest that is usually seen. Gold and silver bars are very common on the secondary bullion market, with bars circulating that were produced decades ago, often by now-defunct companies.

Private mint bullion bars fall into two categories, depending on the method of manufacture. Stamped bars are by far the most common today, in which the bar is struck (stamped) from a blank planchet of precious metal. Older bullion bars were often created by pouring molten precious metal into a mold. Called poured bars, today they circulate in the bullion aftermarkets, but few silver or gold bars are still created using this method.

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