Lady Fortuna 1 Gram Platinum Bar

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Weight: 1 Gram
Mint: PAMP
Fineness: .9995
Thickness: .36 mm
Length: 14.7 mm
Width: 8.9 mm

The Lady Fortuna 1 Gram Platinum Bar is the smallest platinum bar manufactured by PAMP, one of the world's best refiners of precious metals. Headquartered in Switzerland, all PAMP platinum bars, regardless of their size, are independently assayed by Swiss government inspectors, thereby guaranteeing the authenticity and quality of each minted ingot. PAMP is a global leader in the manufacture of small, fractional platinum bars, such as the beautiful Lady Fortuna 1 Gram Platinum Bar.

Details of the Lady Fortuna 1 Gram Platinum Bar

Lady Fortuna, designed to represent the Roman goddess of fortune, was the first major artistic design to appear on precious metals bullion bars. Previously, usually only the mint name, weight and fineness were displayed. The front of these 1 g platinum bars features Lady Fortuna in profile, with the back side of the bar carrying the weight, fineness, and mint information. Due to their beauty, these wonderful 1 gram platinum bars are a hit with collectors, as well as investors who buy platinum bars online. Even though these platinum ingots are small, the value of platinum is high so PAMP seals these bars in hard and protective assay cards to ensure their pristine condition, as well as their authenticity.

Investing in 1 Gram Platinum Bars

Buying 1 gram platinum bars online is the perfect way to diversify your bullion portfolio with some small, yet still highly valuable 1 gram platinum bars. Many high-volume investors still make sure to buy 1 gram platinum bars to ensure that they have a stock of smaller platinum ingots which are, after all, easier to trade and sell.

Despite generally being the most expensive precious metal, the platinum price per gram is not very high, so they fall within the price range of almost every investor looking to buy 1 g platinum bars online. Most investors expect the current spot price of platinum to rise in the near future, so even adding a few of these fractional platinum bars to your collection puts you in a good position to see strong growth in your bullion portfolio.

Buying 1 Gram Platinum Bars Online From CBMint -- Shipping and Insurance

Once you buy platinum bars online from CBMint, we immediately ready your order for shipping. Lady Fortuna 1 Gram Platinum Bars are already encased in protective assay cards, but we further secure your order by placing it in protective packaging before shipment. We ship discretely and directly to your doorstep, and all bullion orders on CBMint are fully insured while they are in transit.

Help with Buying 1 Gram Platinum Bars Online

The current spot price of platinum per gram may not be high, but buying platinum online in any amounts is a sound bullion investment. At CBMint, we look for any possible way in which we can assist our customers throughout the order process. We know you may have questions from time to time, so we provide, for your convenience, an online FAQ, a Glossary, an Investors Guide, and a Product Information Page, any of which may be helpful. Additional help when buying 1 gram platinum bars online may be found by using our Contact Us page, our Live Chat feature, or by simply calling us on the CBMint toll-free number at 1-866-300-0504.