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The Canadian Platinum Maple Leaf

One of only three major platinum bullion coins ever produced, the Canadian Platinum Maple Leaf is the official platinum bullion coin of Canada, first minted in 1988. Until 2002, the Platinum Maple Leaf was produced in not only the standard one ounce size, but also several fractional sizes, including a very rare and unique 1/15 ounce Platinum Maple Leaf minted only in 1994. After 2002, production ceased until 2009, when the Platinum Maple Leaf was reintroduced, albeit only in the 1 ounce Platinum Maple Leaf size. The Platinum Maple Leaf is a popular coin among investors looking to buy platinum bullion online, as the weight, platinum fineness, and authenticity of each coin are all fully backed by the Royal Canadian Mint. Canadian Platinum Maple Leafs are also IRA-Eligible Platinum bullion products for investors in the United States.

Design of the Canadian Platinum Maple Leaf

Obverse:  Mint Date, Face Value, Plus One of Three Designs of Queen Elizabeth II in Profile  |  1988-1989:  39-yr Old Queen  |  1990-2002:  64-yr Old Queen  |  2009+ 79-yr Old Queen

Reverse:  Large, Detailed Depiction of a Maple Leaf  |  Platinum Fineness and Weight in Troy Ounces

Standard platinum bullion versions of the 2002 Platinum Maple Leaf were not produced. Instead, 500 unique sets of hologram platinum maple leafs in all five denominations were manufactured. All denominations of Platinum Canadian Maple Leaf coins share the same annual design.

Investing in Canadian Platinum Maple Leafs

Being one of the very few platinum bullion coins ever produced, the Platinum Maple Leaf is extremely popular with collectors and investors, and even a single Platinum Maple Leaf can be a great start to any platinum bullion collection. All versions of the Canadian Platinum Maple Leaf are struck from .9995 pure platinum and are legal tender in Canada, with a nominal face value of 50 Canadian dollars. Naturally, the melt value of platinum in each coin is vastly higher than this nominal face value. The face value merely serves to denote the legal tender status of each Platinum Maple Leaf coin.

Buying Canadian Platinum Maple Leafs Online

These high-quality platinum coins are great options for buyers who invest in platinum, as they are able to acquire these rare and beautiful coins much less expensively than investors who buy bullion in brick and mortar stores, where higher product premiums are the norm. Volume discounts are available for investors who buy Platinum Maple Leafs in large numbers. Stores like CBMint are the best places to buy Platinum Maple Leafs online -- if you have any questions about buying Platinum Maple Leafs online, please feel free to Contact Us or call CBMint toll-free at 1-866-300-0504.