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Purchasing Platinum Bullion Coins

Platinum coins are bullion coins made for investment. Unlike gold and silver, platinum bullion is somewhat new on the scene -- the metal had few known uses until the late 1800's. Whereas silver and gold coins were used for centuries as circulation pieces, only Russia and a few other countries, such as Tonga, briefly minted circulation coins out of platinum metal.

Though platinum bars are also popular with buyers, platinum coins today are made by official, government mints, and intended solely for bullion investors and collectors. They have their platinum content and purity guaranteed by the issuing governments, and also usually have a nominal face value -- well below the melt value. Despite being intended chiefly for platinum investment, these platinum coins usually have beautiful and historical designs, making them also popular with coin collectors.

Certified Platinum Coins

Certified platinum coins are individual units submitted to a grading service, such as NGC or PCGS, where the coins are authenticated and graded. Coin certification is used more by numismatists than by investors who buy platinum coins online, yet many investors opt to certify their high-end platinum coins. The agency authenticates each coin, gives it a grade (using the industry-standard scale of 1 - 70), and then protects the piece in a hard plastic casing. These plastic and protective slabs give an additional name to such coins -- “slabbed” platinum coins.

Investing in Platinum Coins

Platinum coins have additional numismatic value and, therefore, carry a slightly higher premium over the current platinum spot price. This premium, however, carries a valuable fact -- platinum bullion coins are manufactured by official mints and have full legal backing for authenticity and platinum content. CBMint only obtains platinum coins direct from these mints and their distributors, ensuring full product quality and authenticity. Almost every bullion platinum coin has a fineness of at least .9995, making them also eligible as IRA platinum products for investors who reside in the United States. To answer any questions you may have about buying platinum coins online, visit our Contact Us page, or call CBMint toll-free at 1-866-300-0504.

Buying Platinum Coins Online

There is not a wide variety of platinum coins on the market, unlike their gold and silver counterparts. One reason is cost -- platinum commands a high price and usually attracts more serious investors. Another reason is industrial uses -- platinum is in large demand by various industries due to its unique properties, and this funnels much of the annual platinum output away from bullion markets. Despite this fact, many stunning pieces are produced, such as the American Platinum Eagle, the Canadian Platinum Maple Leaf, and the Chinese Platinum Panda.

Buying platinum coins online instead of in a physical store gives strong advantages to the consumer. Comparison shopping and research are made much easier online, but the biggest strength to buying platinum coins online is the cost savings. Online stores like CBMint are the best places to buy platinum coins online, as we vastly lower overhead costs than traditional, brick and mortar stores. This lower cost allows us to charge far less for our products, bringing large savings to buyers who invest in platinum bullion.

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