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  1. Johnson and Matthey 1 Ounce Platinum Bar - Front

    Johnson Matthey 1 Ounce Platinum Bar


    1 Troy Ounce of Platinum - 99.95% Pure | World-Famous Johnson and Matthey Quality | Trades Close to Platinum Spot Price Buy Now
  2. PAMP Fortuna 1 Oz Platinum Bar - Back

    Lady Fortuna 1 Ounce Platinum Bar


    Large Platinum Bar with Beautiful Fortuna Design | 1 Troy Ounce of Platinum - 99.95% Pure | Sealed in Protective Assay Card Buy Now
  3. PAMP Fortuna 10 Oz Platinum Bar - Front

    Lady Fortuna 10 Ounce Platinum Bar


    Gorgeous Lady Fortuna Design | 10 Troy Ounces of Platinum - 99.95% Pure | Sealed in Protective Assay Card | Top-Quality Swiss-Manufactured Platinum Bullion Buy Now

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Purchasing Large Platinum Bars

CBMint is happy to offer large platinum bars from some of the best mints and refiners in the world. Regardless of the manufacturer, nearly all large platinum bars have a fineness of .9995. All of our platinum bars are only obtained directly from reputable mints and distributors and are, therefore, 100% guaranteed for purity, authenticity and platinum content. Platinum is considered to be the king of precious metals and platinum prices are usually the highest among precious metals. Consequently, fewer platinum products are manufactured and the majority of interest in buying platinum bars online comes from serious bullion investors. Even buying 1 ounce platinum bars online can make a sizable purchase, while larger 10 ounce platinum bars and 1 kilogram platinum bars are truly significant bullion investments. 


Different than platinum coins, which have numismatic value, platinum bullion bars attract investors who are mainly interested only in the platinum content of the product. Thus, these bars usually do not have complicated designs -- just the name of the mint, the purity, and the weight. However, a few refiners of platinum bars, like PAMP, do adorn each bar with some beautiful designs. The gorgeous Lady Fortuna and Liberty designs serve as prime examples of these. These beautiful platinum bars also garner considerable collector interest.

Investing in Large Platinum Bars

As with most bullion products, the larger the item, greater are the discounts on the spot price premium. Large platinum bars feature a premium that barely exceeds the current platinum spot prices. This fact makes large platinum bars the premier investment vehicle for investors who buy platinum bullion online. Most large platinum bars have a 99.95% platinum fineness, making them available as IRA Platinum Bullion for investors inside the United States.

Buy Large Platinum Bars Online

Although 1 oz platinum bars are not outside of the scope of most bullion investors, buying 10 ounce platinum bars or buying 1 kilogram platinum bars is a tremendous bullion purchase. Among precious metals, the spot price of platinum is almost always the highest, making buying large platinum bars the summit of physical bullion investment. The best places to buy platinum bars are online stores like CBMint -- Buying platinum online saves the investor considerable money versus those who shop in brick and mortar stores. Feel free to browse our collection of large platinum bars, or, should you have more questions about buying platinum bars online from CBMint, feel free to Contact Us or call CBMint toll-free at 1-866-300-0504.

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