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Purchasing Platinum Bullion Bars

Platinum bars are a high-end bullion investment product. Because platinum often commands the highest price of the common precious metals, investors look to platinum for large investments or to diversify their metals portfolio. Many governments manufacture official platinum bullion coins, but platinum bars are mainly the domain of private mints. Produced just for their bullion content, they lack the collectibility and designs of the official platinum coins, and, therefore, tend to be priced closer to the current platinum spot price than platinum coins.

Investing in Platinum Bars

Platinum bars are high-end investment vehicles, however, the wide-range of available small platinum bars allows even beginning investors to buy platinum online and begin a portfolio. Almost all platinum bars are extremely pure -- a fineness of .9995 is the most common. This high level of fineness makes these platinum bars eligible as IRA investments for US-based customers. CBMint sources platinum bars direct from the refiners and their distributors, ensuring full authenticity and quality of each platinum bar sold. We happily answer any questions you may have about buying platinum bars online from CBMint -- simply visit our Contact Us page, or call CBMint toll-free at 1-866-300-0504.

Buy Platinum Bars Online

Because the price of platinum per troy ounce can be substantial, platinum bars can be found in much smaller sizes -- even one gram bars are often seen. Typical platinum bars range from 5 grams up to 10 troy ounces, though top-end investors do occasionally buy 1 kilogram platinum bars online. Even larger platinum bars are produced, but they usually are used as investment vehicles for governments, banks, and financial institutions. Common platinum bars are made for the investor market by famous refiners such as the Baird Mint, Credit Suisse and Johnson and Matthey.

Buying platinum bars online gives the investor several advantages over those who shop at brick and mortar stores. Research on buying platinum and comparison shopping are far easier online. The greatest advantage, however, is the cost savings that investors realize when they buy platinum bullion online. Online stores like CBMint are the best places to buy platinum bars online -- they have tiny overhead and much lower costs than traditional stores. This fact allows CBMint to offer platinum bars and other bullion products at much lower prices. Many serious investors purchase their platinum and gold exclusively from online stores -- over time the savings can be massive.

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