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Buying Platinum Bullion Online

Platinum is often considered the king of precious metals, and for good reason. Rarer than even gold, platinum prices per ounce are usually the highest among the precious metals, due to the scarcity and limited annual production of platinum. Despite occasional volatility in day-to-day platinum prices, the value of platinum, over time, has consistently grown, making platinum an attractive and lucrative target for investors who buy bullion online.

There are a few options for buying platinum online, the most common of which are buying platinum coins or buying platinum bars. Most of the platinum bullion coins purchased for investment purposes are those recently minted by national governments, though a few private mints have, on occasion, minted platinum bullion rounds. Platinum bullion bars, also common, are made primarily by private refiners such as Credit Suisse and the Baird Mint.

Buying Platinum Coins

Although platinum coins are newer than gold and silver coins are to the precious metals scene, official, government-minted platinum coins have quickly become quite popular. Famous examples among these bullion coins are the American Platinum Eagles, the Canadian Platinum Maple Leafs, the Chinese Platinum Pandas, and the Australian Platinum Koalas -- all high-quality pieces featuring beautiful and historical motifs. Like all official government bullion coins, their purity and platinum content are guaranteed by law -- most also carry a nominal face value, and are legal tender within the issuing country. These coins, along with platinum rounds produced by private mints, range in size from 1/20 troy ounce up to one kilogram. Platinum coins also possess numismatic value and are additionally sought-after by coin collectors.

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Buying Platinum Bars

Private mints and refiners typically produce bars of platinum instead of coins and rounds. These bars have little numismatic value and are produced mainly for their bullion content, though some do feature great designs and can be quite collectible. Most platinum bullion bars, however, lack the collectability that a platinum coin can have, and, therefore, tend to be available much closer to the actual current platinum spot price. A platinum bar can range in size from small fractional platinum bars, such as 1 gram platinum bars, up to large platinum bars, 1 kilogram or even larger. World-famous manufacturers of platinum bullion bars include Johnson and Matthey, Baird and Company, and Credit Suisse.

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History of Investing in Platinum

Platinum was a relative latecomer as a precious metal -- not until the later 1800's did platinum metal begin to become valued as a commodity. Today, platinum is not only valued as a bullion product but is extensively used by different sectors of industry, especially the automobile and petroleum industries. Industrial consumption, coupled with growing demand from platinum bullion investors, has kept the price of platinum high -- often higher than even gold prices. In fact, because of the ever-diminishing supply of platinum, many investors find platinum to be quite undervalued today, and expect to see strong growth in platinum prices during the upcoming years. With many new bullion investors concentrating on silver and gold, investing in platinum offers an opportunity for serious buyers to enter the market at a great time. We trust that you will find CBMint to be the best place to buy platinum online -- if you have any questions or comments about buying platinum bullion online from CBMint, we encourage you to visit our Contact Us page, or call CBMint toll-free at 1-866-300-0504.