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  1. 1 oz Palladium Maple Leaf - Reverse

    1 Ounce Canadian Palladium Maple Leaf


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    1 Troy Ounce of Palladium - 99.95% Pure | Extremely Rare and Valuable Coin | Limited Mintages Buy Now
  2. Baird Mint 1 Oz Palladium Bar - Front

    Baird Mint 1 Ounce Palladium Bar


    High Quality Baird Mint Palladium Bar | 1 Troy Ounce of Palladium - 99.95% Pure | Sealed in Protective Assay Card Buy Now
  3. Suisse 10 oz Palladium Bar - Front (Style 2)

    Suisse 10 Ounce Palladium Bar


    Trades Close to Spot Price of Palladium | 10 Troy Ounces of Palladium - 99.95% Pure | Palladium Bullion - Potential for Huge Profits Buy Now

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Buying Palladium Bullion Online

At CBMint, we strive to offer more than common gold and silver products, therefore, we are happy to have an expanded selection of precious and semi-precious metals, including several platinum-group metals such as palladium. Palladium, often considered to be the fourth precious metal (the other three being, of course, gold, silver, and platinum), is a noble metal and is one of the most valuable and rarest of precious metals. Investors have increasingly come to see palladium as a potential major player in future bullion markets. Its rarity, along with the limited and concentrated sources of palladium production, have occasionally caused palladium prices to skyrocket. Many investors who buy palladium bullion online view palladium investment as great potential for future large profits.

Palladium Metal

Palladium, element 46, is a silvery-white and lustrous platinum group metal first discovered in 1803. Like the other PGMs, palladium defends itself well against corrosion and chemical attack and, therefore, finds myriad uses in various industrial applications. The largest use is in automobile catalytic converters, where over half the annual palladium supply is consumed. Palladium is, however, very rare. Palladium can be found in the same ore deposits as the other platinum-group metals, but most of the recovered palladium metal is found in nickel-copper deposits, with Russia and South Africa alone accounting for nearly 85% of the annual palladium production of around 220 tons. Though recycled palladium sources add somewhat to that total, production is still low, making palladium a rare and precious metal indeed.

How Much is Palladium Worth?

Palladium prices peaked in 2001, driven by speculation of the demand for palladium from the automobile industry. Palladium bullion prices are determined by the spot market, with updates occuring throughout the day. Palladium prices have stabilized in recent years, mainly on account of the Russian government selling off portions of the large palladium stockpile accrued during the Soviet era. The exact amount of this stockpile is a Russian state secret, so investors who buy palladium bullion are left to guess as to when this stockpile will begin to deplete. When it does, expect to see another large surge in palladium bullion prices.

Buying Palladium Online

The use of palladium in industry has exploded -- from 100 tons per annum in 1990 to over 300 tons today, yet production has not been able to keep pace. With so much of the annual output tied to just two production areas, the potential for supply disruption and tremendous price swings is huge. This fact has turned palladium into a valuable vehicle for bullion investment and palladium is now considered the fourth major bullion metal. Several government mints have started producing official palladium coins, and many private refiners, such as the Stillwater Mine in Montana, have also been producing palladium bars and palladium rounds for bullion investment. CBMint is the best place to buy palladium online -- we cut out the middle man by having formed well-established relationships with many suppliers of palladium bullion, so when you buy palladium bullion online you take part in these very same cost savings. Palladium is well-poised to see a price surge as demand increases even further, and investing in palladium should be a part of the overall portfolio for every serious buyer of precious metals.