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Purchasing Copper Bullion

Investing in bullion is not limited to investing in precious metals. Many other opportunities exist for metals investors, including investing in copper bullion. Copper, long associated with coinage and money, is not as rare of an element in earth's crust, like gold and platinum, but it has a vast number of important industrial uses, which means there is always a high demand for copper. This demand, combined with shrinking annual copper production, means copper prices have the potential to explode.

Copper Metal

Copper, chemical element 29, is a soft, ductile, orange-colored metal with very high thermal and electrical conductivity. These chemical properties make copper in extremely high demand by many industries, especially in electronics and industrial machinery, when combined account for nearly 80% of the annual copper usage. Copper is found in small amounts in its pure, native form, but the vast majority of copper produced today is from recycled sources, or extracted from copper sulfide ores in large, open-pit mines. The most common mining method is the heap leaching process, in which acids are applied to former waste ores, isolating some of the copper. The fact that heap leaching is the main method to mine copper should serve as an important indicator of the ever-shrinking supply of copper -- the ores used in heap leaching are the former waste ores from earlier copper mining operations.

Investing in Copper

Copper is not a precious metal and does not have an ISO currency code, but investors are beginning to buy copper bullion online as a way to inexpensively diversify their bullion portfolios. Because copper is a commodity with important industrial uses, current copper prices are expected to trend upward as the supply of copper dwindles. For beginning investors, an easy way to begin investing in copper is merely to save old US Pennies. Pennies struck before 1982 are 95% copper, so stockpiling these old pennies is a great method to start investing in copper bullion. To acquire copper bullion in larger amounts, you need to buy copper rounds or copper bars, both of which are produced by various mints for the bullion markets. An important note for investors who are looking to purchase copper bullion online -- unlike other precious metals, such as gold and silver, which are measured using troy ounces, copper bullion is almost always measured using the avoirdupois ounce, abbreviated avp or avdp.

Buying Copper Bullion Online

Most of the easily-obtained copper has already been extracted from the earth's crust, with over 95% of all the copper ever mined taking place in the last 100 years. The price of copper has been sometimes quite unstable, with industrial demand and, occasionally, commodity speculation driving the price. Recently, the growth in the price of copper has outpaced even precious metals, with copper being up almost 400% from its 2001 base price. Continued economic development in the world, especially China and India, shall increase the industrial demand of copper, and this, of course, will push up copper prices. Bullion investors have not been blind to this trend -- copper is now produced in bullion form by several major refiners and mints, and sometimes even by the copper mines themselves.

Copper is still relatively inexpensive, yet could soon see tremendous price growth. We want to ensure CBMint is the best place to buy copper bullion online. By buying cheap copper bullion online, you can stay ahead of what could be, in the future, a large commodity rush for copper. If you have any questions about the copper products available on CBMint or would like to place an order, feel free to Contact Us, or call CBMint toll-free at 1-866-300-0504.

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