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  1. Incuse Indian 1 oz Copper Round - Obverse

    Incuse Indian 1 Ounce Copper Round

    Design Commemorates US Half & Quarter Eagle Gold Coins | 1 Ounce of Copper - 99.9% Pure | Brilliant Uncirculated Condition Buy Now
  2. 1 oz Copper Round - Buffalo Nickel - Obverse

    Buffalo Nickel 1 Ounce Copper Round

    Models Design after US Buffalo Nickel | Brilliant Uncirculated Condition | 1 Ounce of Copper Bullion - 99.9% Pure Buy Now
  3. 5 Gram Titanium Bar - Buffalo Design - Front

    5 Gram Titanium Bullion Bar - Buffalo Theme

    Atlantis Mint Buffalo Bar Design | Contains 5 Grams of Titanium - 99.9% Pure | Cheap Way to Buy Titanium Bullion Buy Now
  4. 1 Ounce Brass Bullion Bar - $100 Bill - Front

    1 Ounce Brass Bullion Bar - $100 Bill

    Contains 1 Troy Ounce of Brass - 99.9% Pure | Modeled After US $100 Bill | Beautiful and Colorful Bullion Bar Buy Now
  5. 1 Ounce Bronze Bullion Bar - Front

    1 Ounce Bronze Bullion Bar - $100 Bill

    Contains 1 Troy Ounce of Bronze - 99.9% Pure | Modeled After US $100 Bill | Unique and Beautiful Bullion Bar Buy Now
  6. 5 Ounce Aluminum Bar - Buffalo Design - Dual

    5 Ounce Aluminum Bullion Bar - Buffalo Theme

    Contains 5 Troy Ounces of 99.9% Fine Aluminum | Atlantis Mint Buffalo Bar Design | Inexpensive Way to Buy Aluminum Bullion Buy Now
  7. 5 Ounce Zinc Bar - Buffalo Design - Dual

    5 Ounce Zinc Bullion Bar - Buffalo Theme

    Atlantis Mint Buffalo Bar Design | Contains 5 Troy Ounces of 99.9% Fine Zinc | Inexpensive Way to Buy Zinc Bullion Buy Now
  8. 5 Ounce Bronze Bar - Buffalo Design - Front

    5 Ounce Bronze Bullion Bar - Buffalo Theme

    Contains 5 Troy Ounces of Bronze - 99.9% Pure | Atlantis Mint Buffalo Bar Design | Inexpensive Way to Buy Bronze Bullion Buy Now
  9. 5 Ounce Brass Bar - Buffalo Design - Front

    5 Ounce Brass Bullion Bar - Buffalo Theme

    Contains 5 Troy Ounces of Brass - 99.9% Pure | Atlantis Mint Buffalo Bar Design | Inexpensive Way to Buy Brass Bullion Buy Now
  10. 1 Pound Titanium Bullion Bar - Front View

    1 Pound Titanium Bullion Bar

    Inexpensive Way to Buy Titanium | Contains 1 Pound of 99.9% Pure Titanium | Purity and Authenticity Guaranteed Buy Now

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Buying Base Metal Bullion Online

Investing in physical bullion does not have to be limited to only buying precious metals. With commodity prices, especially metals, on a historical upward trend, buying non-precious metals bullion has become an increasingly-popular investment, and several top metals refiners have begun manufacturing bullion ingots, in order to meet the demand. Many investors buy these physical bullion bars as a commodity investment -- they merely hope to buy bullion at a low price, and sell it once commodity prices further rise.

Other buyers invest in non-precious metals bullion as a store of wealth, as even though base metals are significantly cheaper than silver and gold, on a per-ounce basis, they similarly tend to hold their value over time. Additionally, it is inexpensive to buy base metals bullion, yet, when bought in bulk, could realize a large profit for the investor if commodity prices continue to rise. Most base metal bullion is manufactured in bullion bar form, although rounds do also exist. Common examples of base metal bullion are nickel bullion, brass bullion, tin bullion, zinc bullion, titanium bullion, and bronze bullion.

Titanium Bullion

Titanium is element number 22 and is a lustrous, strong, and lightweight transitional metal that is highly resistant to most forms of corrosion. As such, titanium has numerous applications in consumer and industrial applications. Though not particularly scarce in Earth's crust, many of the titanium deposits that are easy to mine have already been played out, and the price of titanium has been increasing. Investors buy titanium bullion in the form of physical bullion bars including both small titanium bars, such as 1 gram and 5 gram bars, and large titanium bars. The smaller titanium bars are usually art bars, featuring various motifs and designs, while the larger bars are generally no-frills bullion bars.

Brass Bullion

Brass is not an element, rather it is an alloy of copper and zinc. The relative amounts of copper and zinc can be altered to produce a wide range of different brasses, most of which have different hues, though most brasses are yellow or yellow-orange. The beautiful, golden color of brass has ensured its use in a wide range of decorative applications. Brass also has low friction, and does not spark when struck, two properties that have given brass important industrial applications, as well. The price of brass has been on the rise, mainly do the copper component of the alloy. Investors buy brass bullion, usually in the form of brass bars, although commemorative brass rounds have also been manufactured. Commonly-sized brass bullion bars range from 10 gram brass bars up to 10 troy ounce brass bars.

Bronze Bullion

Bronze is also an alloy of copper, usually with tin, although sometimes arsenic is alloyed with the copper to produce bronze. Bronze has a long and important history with mankind -- indeed, the Bronze Age was named after the technological achievements brought about by this metal. Bronze is much harder than pure copper, so tools and weapons made of bronze greatly expanded the capabilities of early civilizations. Bronze was also long used as a coinage metal, along with silver and gold. These close ties to gold and silver are still represented today in the production of medallions, such as Olympic Medals -- the bronze medal denotes third place.

Due to the copper and tin content, both of which are becoming more scarce, the price of bronze has been rising. Additionally, the beauty of the metal ensures that it is still used to make commemorative and decorative bronze bullion rounds, often with great artwork and historical themes. Today, investors also buy bronze bullion bars, usually in sizes ranging from 1 troy ounce up to 10 troy ounces of bronze.

Zinc Bullion

Zinc, element number 30, is a soft, lustrous and ductile metal, that is important to human health. Zinc is relatively abundant, and has, therefore, replaced rarer metals in many commercial and industrial applications. For example, United States Pennies are predominantly comprised of zinc, instead of copper as they formerly were. Though buying zinc bullion is inexpensive, zinc metal is a commodity, and commodity prices have been on the rise. Many investors buy zinc bullion in bulk and sell it when the price of zinc rises. Physical zinc bullion is usually produced in bar form, ranging in size from 1 troy ounce of zinc up to 1 kilogram zinc bullion bars.

Tin Bullion

Tin is element number 50, and is a malleable, soft metal that does not easily oxidize in air. This fact has seen tin used for centuries to coat the surface of other metals, such as iron. Tin is rarer in Earth's crust than many other base metals -- for example, tin is 25 times more rare than copper. Much current mining of tin involves mining the waste deposits from decades ago as many of the main tin mines have been depleted. As a consequence, there is commodity speculation concerning tin, and some investors have started to buy tin bullion, as well. Physical tin bullion is usually produced in bar form, with tin bullion bars ranging in size from small, 5 gram tin art bars, up to large 1 kilogram tin bars.

Nickel Bullion

Nickel, element 28, is a lustrous, silvery-white transition metal that has a slight golden hue. Nickel is often found in conjunction with iron, and Earth's core is thought to be comprised of an iron and nickel mixture. Nickel alloys are widely-used in industry, and nickel is even used as a coinage metal. Indeed, the US Nickel five cent coin is directly named after this metal. However, the rising price of nickel in the 21st century has caused most countries to abandon their use of nickel in coinage -- the United States is one of the few countries that still continues to produce nickel coins. With the price of nickel on the rise, many buyers have started investing in nickel bullion, and a wide range of nickel bullion bars are now manufactured, from small, 5 gram nickel bars, up to large, 1 kilogram nickel bars. Many nickel bullion bars feature great designs, and some are anodized to produce a wide range of beautiful colors.

Aluminum Bullion

Aluminum is element 13 and is a strong, lightweight, and ductile metal in the boron group of elements. Aluminum is the most abundant metal in Earth's crust, yet, for a time, was considered more valuable than gold! Napoleon III of France is said to have served his most important guests with aluminum plates while the lesser dignitaries had to settle for gold plate. This paradox comes from the processes involved in isolating aluminum -- though the metal is common, it reacts easily with other elements, and, therefore, is not found by itself in nature. The isolation of aluminum requires vast electric current, something that was unavailable until the late 1800s.

Today, a massive number of products are made from aluminum, or aluminum alloys, and the metal has a large number of industrial uses as well. For example, although aluminum does not conduct electricity as well as silver or copper, it is much cheaper, so most high-voltage transmission lines use aluminum conductors. Though aluminum production remains high, the general rise in commodities prices has not left aluminum behind. This fact has given investors the opportunity to buy aluminum bullion and sell it later, when the price of aluminum rises. Buying aluminum bullion in bulk is an inexpensive investment, yet has the potential for large profits down the road. Physical aluminum bullion is made for the consumer markets in the form of aluminum bars, ranging in size from small, 1 and 5 gram aluminum art bars, up to large 1 and 10 kilogram aluminum ingots.

CBMint strives to be the best online bullion dealer -- part of our quest is always expanding our selection of bullion products, and helping develop new products to come to market. If you have any questions about buying base metals bullion, do not hesitate to Contact Us, or call CBMint toll-free at 1-866-300-0504.