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Who is OPM?

Ohio Precious Metals, often known as OPM, is one of the largest North American refiners of precious metals, with a huge facility located in Jackson, Ohio. OPM is currently the largest North American refiner of Good Delivery silver and gold bars, and also manufactures a large range smaller gold and silver bullion bars and rounds. OPM is famed for its extremely high-grade refining process, providing such services to jewelers, coin and bullion dealers, secondary refiners, and pawnbrokers. CBMint, being one of the best online bullion dealers, has a strong relationship with Ohio Precious Metals, and we are proud to offer a large range of their highly refined gold and silver bars and rounds.

History and Current Operations of Ohio Precious Metals

Since its founding in 1974, OPM has been on the forefront of the bullion industry, employing high-tech methods to refine, recycle, and assay precious metals. The methods of manufacture employed by OPM, including large precious metals recycling operations, have earned them praise as being the most environmentally-sound refiner in the country. Amazingly, the high-tech methods utilized by OPM do not have the deleterious effect of increasing prices on their gold and silver products. Instead, efficiency in the production process ensures that high quality OPM bullion is among the most affordable in the industry, trading real close to current gold and silver spot prices.

Ohio Precious Metals is also the only refiner to offer secure on-site storage facilities for its clients. OPM maintains a Brinks Vaulting Service inside of their main facility, giving clients the option of storing precious metals within the Brinks network.

How Do I Buy Bars and Rounds Made by OPM?

Silver and gold OPM rounds and bars are sold around the world, and the OPM name has come to be associated with authentic, highly pure bullion. OPM bullion rounds and bars are sold by most large coin and bullion dealers. However, given the direct relationship with OPM, CBMint is the best place to buy OPM silver and gold online, as our direct sourcing allows us to sell OPM bars and rounds at low cost to our customers.

Buying OPM Bars and Rounds Online

Browse our selection of great rounds and bars made by Ohio Precious Metals. If you have any questions about buying OPM gold and silver online from CBMint, do not hesitate to Contact Us, or call us toll-free at 1-866-300-0504.