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Who is NTR Metals?

NTR Metals, formerly Northern Texas Refiners, is one of the largest precious metals companies in the world, producing a range of bullion products in all precious metals, including gold, silver, platinum, and copper. NTR also provides recycling, minting, and refining services to a large number of companies, both large and small. Although NTR Metals is not open to the public, they have over 75 locations around the world, ensuring bullion products manufactured by NTR Metals find their way into the showrooms of most gold and silver dealers. CBMint, being the best place to buy silver and gold online, has a direct relationship with NTR, so we can offer their full product selection of high-quality bullion direct to our customers, at a significant discount.

History and Current Operations of NTR Metals

From its initial operations in Texas, NTR has expanded to dozens of locations around the world. Manufacturing top-quality bullion is only part of what NTR does -- NTR conducts commercial refining, industrial recycling and refining, and a host of other metals-related services. Indeed, NTR annually refines over 30 million pounds of metal.

NTR's precious metals trading is handled by its Market Maker division, which provides a wide range of services to its clients, including providing capital, technology, knowledge, and inventory. NTR is renowned for working closely with their precious metals clients and keeping them abreast of changes in the industry, along with new and upcoming bullion products in gold, silver, platinum, and palladium. NTR Metals is always on the forefront of producing new and exciting bullion products, such as their recent launch of a range of Silver Bullion Bullets.

How Do I Buy Bars and Rounds Made by NTR?

NTR bullion is relatively common, and can be found in many coin and bullion stores. However, CBMint is the best place to buy NTR bullion bars and rounds online, as we have a direct relationship with this exemplary precious metals refiner, and are proud to offer a wide range of NTR bullion at low, discounted prices. If you are searching for a specific NTR bullion product that is not listed on, please Contact Us and let us know -- we would be happy to add any NTR bullion to our product lineup.

Buying NTR Bars and Rounds Online

Browse our selection of great rounds and bars made by NTR Metals. If you have any questions about buying NTR bullion bars and rounds online from CBMint, do not hesitate to Contact Us, or call us toll-free at 1-866-300-0504.