$20 Liberty Gold Double Eagle - MS62 - Obverse

Mint State Gold Double Eagles (St. Gaudens and Liberty Head)

$20 Liberty Head Gold Double Eagle - MS64 - Slabbed - Obverse

MS-64 Liberty Gold Double Eagle, 1850-1907

MS-63 Liberty Gold Double Eagle, 1850-1907

$20 Gold Double Eagle in MS-63 Grade | NGC or PCGS Certified MS-63 | Mint Years of MS-63 Liberty Head Double Eagles Chosen at Random, 1850-1907



$20 Liberty Gold Double Eagles, occasionally called Coronet Double Eagles, were minted from 1850 until 1907. The minting of the coin was authorized by Congress after the California Gold Rush brought an increased gold bullion supply to the nation. Gold Double Eagles were rarely used in circulation -- instead, they were known as "Bankers' Coins" and were primarily used for large, international commercial transactions.

Because many Liberty Double Eagles were held in European bank vaults for decades, they survived, in good condition, the post-1933 melting of most American gold coinage, and many were returned to the US after restrictions on gold ownership eased.

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Details of MS-63 Liberty Head Gold Double Eagles

The Liberty Gold Double Eagle was designed by Chief Engraver Longacre. The obverse features a stylized Greco-Roman profile of Lady Liberty. A large heraldic eagle with a ribbon appears on the reverse, along with the denomination. When you buy MS-63 Liberty Double Eagles online from CBMint, the coins are graded by a professional grading service and are slabbed by that service.

When you buy MS-63 Liberty Head Gold Double Eagles online from CBMint, each coin is chosen randomly from our stocks. Images are merely examples, and the actual coins you receive are not the exact Double Eagles shown in the images above. We do attempt to honor requests for specific mint years and mint marks, if they are available. Simply include your request along with your order and we shall attempt to accommodate you. CBMint can be easily reached by telephone at 972 -943-4251.

Buying Mint State Liberty Head Double Eagle Coins Online from CBMint -- Shipping and Insurance

All pre-1933 US gold coins are handled with extreme care by our professionally-trained staff. When you buy Mint State Double Eagles online and complete checkout, your order is carefully placed in protective packaging. Due to the high value of Gold Double Eagles, shipping insurance is provided free of charge, and shipping is free to our customers in the continental United States.

Help with Buying Mint State Gold Double Eagles Online

CBMint is the best place to buy Gold Double Eagles online -- should you have any questions about purchasing mint state gold coins online from CBMint, we have plenty of resources to assist you, such as our FAQ, an Investing Guide, a Glossary, and a detailed Product Information Page. More help can be found through our Contact Us page, through our Live Chat feature, or by calling us toll-free at 972 -943-4251.

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More Information
Weight 33.431 grams
Diameter 34.1 mm
Mint United States Mint
Fineness .900
Year 1850-1907 (MS-63)
Edge Reeded