$20 Liberty Head Gold Double Eagle - MS64 - Slabbed - Obverse

MS-64 Liberty Gold Double Eagle, 1850-1907

MS-63 St. Gaudens Double Eagle - Dual

MS-63 Saint Gaudens Gold Double Eagle, 1907-1932

MS-62 Saint Gaudens Gold Double Eagle, 1907-1932

Iconic American Gold Coin | Mint State 62 Condition | Dates Chosen at Random from Our Inventory: 1907-1932



The most famous American gold coin, collectors have been buying St. Gaudens Double Eagles for decades. Produced from 1907 to 1933, many Saint Gaudens Gold Double Eagles were used for international trade, resulting, fortunately, in many examples surviving the melting down of US gold coinage that took place after 1933. As a result, many mint state St. Gaudens gold coins survive, including these MS-62 St. Gaudens Double Eagles. CBMint is the best place to buy St. Gaudens $20 Double Eagles online, as we have the best prices, along with a full guarantee for both the quality and authenticity of each coin.

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Condition of Saint Gaudens Gold Double Eagles

This listing is for circulated St. Gaudens $20 Gold coins in Mint State 62 (MS-62) condition. When you buy Gold Double Eagles online from CBMint in this grade, we guarantee that each coin is in the condition stated, or better. Note that images are merely examples of MS-62 St. Gaudens Double Eagles -- when you buy Gold Double Eagles online, coins are selected at random from our current inventory.

Mint Dates of Gold St. Gaudens Double Eagles

Because our inventory is constantly changing, when you buy St. Gaudens Gold Double Eagles online we cannot guarantee that every combination of date and mint mark will be available in the MS-62 grade. However, we attempt to honor requests for specific mint years and mint marks. Simply include any such request with your order and we shall attempt to fulfill it.

CBMint is a member of the American Numismatic Association, therefore, we have access to a large network of coin dealers around the nation. If you need help finding a specific year and grade of Gold Double Eagles, please call CBMint at 972 -943-4251 and we will be happy to assist you.

Details of Saint Gaudens $20 Gold Double Eagles

August Saint-Gaudens, designed the famous coin that was to eventually bear his name at the request of President Theodore Roosevelt. The obverse depicts a frontal view of Lady Liberty holding an olive branch, with the rays of the sun behind her. On 1907-1911 $20 Double Eagles, 46 stars circle Lady Liberty. After the addition of New Mexico and Arizona as states in 1912, the coin was modified to display 48 stars on the obverse.

The reverse shows a large flying eagle, illuminated by the sun's rays. This design was inspired by the Flying Eagle Small Cent. The first two years of issue lacked the "In God We Trust" motto on the reverse. The public pushed Congress to rectify this, and the motto was restored beginning with the 1909 issues of the coin.

Investing in Gold Double Eagles

Buying investment-grade gold coins has historically been profitable, as uncirculated and mint state St. Gaudens Gold Double Eagles have appreciated in value over time. Almost all of these MS-62 Double Eagles are slabbed by a professional grading service, such as NGC or PCGS.

Buying St. Gaudens Gold Double Eagles Online from CBMint -- Shipping and Insurance

All high-grade gold coins at CBMint are handled with professional care by our highly-trained staff. After buying $20 Double Eagles and completing checkout, we carefully place your order in protective packaging. Due to the value of Gold Double Eagles, we also provide free shipping insurance for your order, and shipping is free to our customers in the continental United States.

Help with Buying Gold Double Eagles Online

CBMint strives to be the best place to buy St. Gaudens Double Eagles online -- should you have any questions about these coins we have many resources to assist you, such as our FAQ, an Investing Guide, a Glossary, and a detailed Product Information Page. More help can be found through our Contact Us page, through our Live Chat feature, or by calling the CBMint toll-free number at 972 -943-4251.

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More Information
Weight 33.431 grams
Diameter 34.1 mm
Mint United States Mint
Fineness .900
Year Various (MS-62)
Edge Reeded