Directory of Local Coin and Bullion Dealers -- United States

In the United States, droves of customers have started shopping with online bullion stores when they buy gold and silver because, in most cases, doing so allows the customer to avoid having to pay local sales taxes. These taxes can be very high -- sometimes exceeding 10%, which significantly reduces your purchasing power. CBMint features this Guide to Buying Precious Metals Locally to help inform you about the tax laws in various US States.

Select a state from the following list and you will be presented with our list of the best local coin dealers and best local gold and silver bullion dealers. Each state also has options to more closely examine local coin and bullion stores in a particular city.

Coin and Bullion Shops in the United States





If you have a recommendation for a local coin dealer or gold and silver dealer that is not on this list, please feel free to Contact CBMint and we will update our directory.