Johnson Matthey 10 Ounce Gold Bar

10 Troy Ounces of Gold - 99.99% Fine | Made by World-Famous Johnson Matthey | Trade Close to Current Gold Spot Price

The Johnson Matthey 10 Ounce Gold Bar is an extremely pure gold bullion bar produced by the famous London-based company of Johnson and Matthey. Johnson and Matthey has been the official Assayer and Refiner for the Bank of England for over 150 years, and their bullion products are highly-regarded throughout the bullion and financial markets. Many investors who buy gold bars online prefer trusted brands like Johnson and Matthey, a level of demand that occasionally makes these Johnson Matthey 10 Ounce Gold Bars hard to come by.

Details of the Johnson Matthey 10 Ounce Gold Bar

Johnson Matthey 10 oz Gold Bars are manufactured by the pouring process, which is rarer than the stamping process, yet poured gold bars are often coveted by collectors and investors. Molten gold is poured into a mold, with details later stamped into the bar. In this case, the mint name, gold purity of .9999 (known as four-nines), and the metal type. The back side of these 10 oz gold bars has no adornment - just a rough surface common to all poured bars. The 99.99% gold fineness sets these bars apart from many gold bullion products and also makes them IRA-eligible. Please note that these bars are not in uncirculated condition -- they have been traded heavily over the years, yet with utmost care.

Investing in 10 Ounce Gold Bars

These large Johnson Matthey 10 oz Gold Bars are not of interest to collectors. Their prosaic design betrays their intended purpose -- as an investment vehicle for buyers who purchase gold bars online. Lack of adornment keeps production costs down, and this, coupled with the cost savings from buying gold online in the first place, means that these bars trade very close to the current spot gold price. Indeed, for the serious gold investor, there are few other ways to buy gold bullion as inexpensively as this. By the troy ounce of gold, these 10 oz gold bars feature some of the lowest premiums on the market.

Buying 10 Ounce Gold Bars Online From CBMint -- Shipping and Insurance

When you buy Johnson Matthey 10 Ounce Gold Bars online from CBMint, we immediately ready your order for shipment. Due to the popularity of Johnson Matthey gold bars, our inventory occasionally is depleted, causing a small delay while we fill your order. Each bar is encased in plastic, to prevent marring and blemishing, then your entire bullion order is put in protective packaging and discretely shipped direct to your doorstep. Because of the extremely high value of gold contained in each 10 oz bar, your CBMint also fully insures your gold bullion during transit.

Help with Buying 10 Ounce Gold Bars Online

Most investors expect current gold prices to rise in the near future, making now an excellent time to buy gold bars online. CBMint strives to be the best place to buy gold bars online, and to meet that end we provide our customers with many helpful resources, such as an online FAQ, an Investing Guide, a Product Information Page, and a Glossary. Additional help with buying gold bullion bars online can be located on our Contact Us page, by using our Live Chat feature, or by calling CBMint toll-free at 972 -943-4251.

More Information
Design JohnsonMatthey
Weight 10 Ounces
Mint Johnson Matthey
Fineness .9999
Thickness 6.35 mm
Length 66.75 mm
Width 31.75 mm