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Recommended Bullion Products


We have a large range of bullion products on offer, many of which appeal to different types of bullion investors. We highlight a few recommended products here, broken down into two categories -- one for new investors and the second for experienced investors who buy bullion online.

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Recommended Bullion Products for Beginning Investors

Starting out with buying precious metals bullion is all about getting a foot in the door and gaining experience with the various metals and products. The budget and financial situation of every investor differs, but outlined here are four common bullion products that are perfect for beginning investors.


Buy Bullion Online from CBMint

Recommended Bullion Products for Experienced Investors

Experienced investors have already been buying bullion for some time and are familiar with many bullion products on the market. Despite that, there are often products and even metals with which they may not be familiar, some of which offer the potential for large profits. Outlined here are four bullion products we encourage even experienced investors to consider.


Thank you for reading our CBMint Guide to Investing in Precious Metals. We understand that the sheer number of products available may be overwhelming, especially to new bullion investors. We encourage anyone that would like to learn more to visit the CBMint Product Information Page, our Glossary, our FAQ, or our Contact Us page. You can also view the CBMint all-inclusive Product List, where you can see all of our bullion products at a glance. Customer calls are always welcome -- feel free to call the CBMint toll-free number at 1-866-300-0504.