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Australian 1/4 Ounce Gold Kangaroo - Dual

1/4 Ounce Australian Gold Kangaroo

Perth Mint 10 Gram Gold Bar - Dual (with Assay)

Perth Mint 10 Gram Gold Bar

PAMP 25 Gram Multigram Fortuna Gold Bars

25 Gold Bars With Lady Fortuna Design | Each Bar is 1 Gram of .9999 Fine Gold | Individually Assayed
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An ingenious combination product, this Multigram set of twenty-five 1 gram gold bars is manufactured by PAMP, a world-renowned and Swiss-based refiner of precious metals. All PAMP gold bars, regardless of size, are independently assayed by the Swiss government, thereby guaranteeing quality and authenticity. HIgh-quality products like this help make CBMint one of the best places to buy gold bars online -- PAMP is a world leader in the production of small, fractional gold bars, such as this Multipack of Lady Fortuna 1 Gram Gold Bars.

Details of the PAMP Multigram 25x Fortuna 1 Gram Gold Bars

The first artwork ever deployed on a major gold bullion bar, the design on the front of the PAMP 1 Gram Fortuna Gold Bars is modeled after the Roman goddess of fortune. The back of each bar displays the mint name, weight, and .9999 gold fineness. The beauty of these small, 1 gram gold bars gives them collectible and numismatic value, in addition to their worth because of the value of gold contained in each bar.

Each 1 gram gold bar is sealed by PAMP in its own hard, protective assay card, and the entire group of 25 gold bars is connected together in a large card, though the separate assay card of each individual bar is detachable. Each 1 Gram Gold Bar also has its own unique serial number, matching the serial number on its assay card.

Investing in Fractional Gold Bar Multipacks

Small, fractional gold bars are increasing in popularity among buyers who invest in gold bullion. Despite the high current gold spot price, these bars are small enough to make them affordable to all buyers. Additionally, seasoned investors often diversify their portfolios when they buy 1 gram gold bars online, as fractional bars are much easier to liquidate than large gold bars.

The PAMP Multigram set of 25 gold bars is an ingenious method of combining both -- it allows experienced investors to add a number of fractional gold bars to their portfolios all at once, though, because of the detachable nature of the card, individual 1 gram bars can be separated when needed. The 25 Gram Multigram set is also a money-saver, being a cheaper way to buy gold bullion than buying the 1 gram gold bars individually.

Buying Gold Bars Online From CBMint -- Shipping and Insurance

After you buy the PAMP Suisse Multigram bar set online, we immediately prepare your order for shipping. Each bar is already encased in its hard assay card, and we place your entire bullion order in protective packaging for shipment. Shipping is discrete, and we only ship direct to your door. Due to the high value of gold bullion, shipping insurance is provided on your order when it is in transit.

Help with Buying Fractional Gold Bars Online

We hope to assist you, should you have questions about investing in gold bullion online. Part of our quest to be the best online bullion dealer, we feature many online resources, such as our Product Information Page, a FAQ, an Investing Guide, and a bullion Glossary. Additional assistance may be located on our CBMint Contact Us page, through our Live Chat feature, or by calling the CBMint toll-free number at 1-866-300-0504.

More Information
Weight 25 Grams (1 Gram Each)
Fineness .9999
Thickness 0.40 mm (each)