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  1. 1 Gram Chinese Gold Panda - Reverse

    Current Year 1 Gram Chinese Gold Panda


    Smallest Denomination of Chinese Gold Panda | 1 Gram of Gold - 99.9% | IRA Eligible Buy Now
  2. 3 Gram Gold Panda - Obverse

    3 Gram Chinese Gold Panda


    Beautiful Design Featuring Pandas in their Natural Environment | 3 Grams of Gold - 99.9% Pure | Great Fractional Gold Coin Buy Now
  3. 2015 1/4 Ounce Chinese Gold Panda

    2015 1/4 Ounce Chinese Gold Panda


    Beautiful Panda Design Set in Gold that Changes Annually | 1/4 Troy Ounce of Gold -- Great Fractional 99.9% Pure Gold Piece Buy Now
  4. 15 Gram Gold Panda - Reverse

    15 Gram Chinese Gold Panda


    15 Grams of Gold - 99.9% Pure | Annually-Changing Design Featuring the Chinese Panda | Great Mid-Range Gold Coin Buy Now
  5. 30 Gram Chinese Gold Panda 2

    30 Gram (1 oz) Chinese Gold Panda


    1 Troy Ounce of Gold - 99.9% Pure | Beautiful and Changing Panda-Themed Design | Historic and Collectible Gold Coin Buy Now

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The Chinese Gold Panda

The Chinese Gold Panda is a government-issued gold bullion coin produced by the People’s Republic of China since 1982. These gold coins are produced by several different official mints in China, yet, strangely, feature no mint mark to indicate the actual mint of production. Regardless of mint, every Gold Panda is legal tender in China has its authenticity and quality fully backed by the Chinese government. Additionally, CBMint only sources Gold Panda bullion coins direct from official distributors, further ensuring product quality and authenticity.

Rather uniquely for a gold bullion coin, they have a design which changes yearly, depicting a different portrait of one or more pandas in their natural environment. The Chinese Gold Panda is produced in five different sizes, each of which shares the same overall design -- only the face value and weight (in troy ounces of gold) differ on each coin. The 1 Ounce Gold Panda is still the most common, but 1/20 ounce, 1/10 ounce, 1/4 ounce and 1/2 Ounce Gold Panda are also popular. A rare 1 kilogram Gold Panda also exists. The overall design motif is also shared with the Chinese Silver Panda. Also common to all denominations of Gold Panda is the gold fineness of .999. The beautiful and changing designs, coupled with the value of gold contained in each coin, has made the Chinese Gold Panda extremely popular among investors who buy gold coins online.

Design of the Chinese Gold Panda

Obverse:  Temple of Heaven in the center with Chinese characters above meaning The People's Republic of China. Year of minting shown on the bottom. Commemorative issues also have their theme marked here, if applicable.

Reverse:  Different portraits of a panda – this changes every year (though the same design was used in 2001 and 2002).

Investing in Gold Pandas

The Chinese Gold Panda stands out among international gold bullion coins because of its beauty. The popularity of the panda-themed design has attached considerable numismatic value to each coin, making them targets for collectors, as well as investors who buy gold coins online. The wide-range of denominations and mint dates attracts many collectors, despite the high value of gold in each coin. Due to its beauty, jewelers and gift buyers also flock to the Chinese Gold Panda. Bullion investors, however, still make up the largest group of buyers of the Chinese Gold Panda and account for most of the annual production. With low gold prices and quick ship times, CBMint is the best place to buy Gold Pandas online.

History of the Chinese Gold Panda

To compete on the world bullion market, China began to issue many types of precious metal bullion coins, with the famous Chinese Gold Panda first hitting the market in 1982. China long maintained restrictions on the private ownership of gold, so for some time only sold Gold Pandas to overseas customers. Regulations have since been lifted, and domestic investors have become one of the largest groups of people who are buying Chinese Gold Pandas online. Today, the Gold Panda is one of the most popular gold bullion coins on the market, and the Chinese Mints has kept production levels high in order to keep up with this demand.

Buying Chinese Gold Pandas Online

Though they are highly sought-after and collectible, investors usually have little trouble buying 1 Ounce Gold Pandas online, though the commemorative and special issues are often difficult to find. Like its counterparts, the US Gold Eagle and Canadian Gold Maple Leaf, the Chinese Gold Panda is heavily traded and makes up a large portion of the gold bullion market. Online stores like CBMint can obtain Gold Pandas more inexpensively than brick and mortar stores, and we pass those savings onto our customers who buy bullion online. Should you have any further questions about buying Gold Panda coins online from CBMint, do not hesitate to Contact Us or call us toll-free at 1-866-300-0504.

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