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World Gold Coins

Although the South African Gold Krugerrand was the pioneer among gold bullion coins and is still popular today, there are dozens of high-quality gold bullion coins available to the modern investor. Whereas the United States, China, and Canada quickly followed the example set by the Gold Krugerrand, today dozens of nations and private mints around the world produce stunning pieces. Common to most world gold bullion coins are the legal tender status within the issuing country, nominal face value, and full government backing as to authenticity and gold content. CBMint has relationships with most major world mints and their distributors, and we only buy gold bullion coins direct from them, thereby further ensuring product quality and authenticity.

Designs Used on World Gold Coins

Most gold bullion coins produced by sovereign mints have striking and beautiful designs, often showing historical imagery formerly used on circulation pieces, or designs that demonstrate local history or culture of the nation, such as the Mexican gold Libertad or the Austrian Gold Philharmonic. Many world gold coins have motifs that highlight the current sovereign, such as the British Gold Britannia. Common to all, however, is the high quality, purity, and authenticity always found with government-issued gold coins. Typical world gold bullion coins also have their weight, gold fineness, mint year, and face value stamped somewhere on the coin.

Investing in Gold Coins from Around the World

World gold coins all have at least some numismatic value and are, therefore, very collectible and make great gift ideas. Many US-based investors who buy gold coins online are sure to purchase at least a few world gold coins to round out their bullion collections. Often, world gold coins have very small premiums and trade close to the current spot gold price. These pieces often form the backbone of a gold coin portfolio, as investors can buy gold bullion coins online much less expensively than they are able to do in brick and mortar stores. Many world gold coins are quite rare, making them hard to locate in a standard coin shop. Online stores like CBMint, however, can offer a huge selection of gold bullion coin products from around the world, as we have official relationships established with most major mints.

Buying World Gold Coins Online

Demand for gold coins from overseas has greatly increased, even in North America. Some examples have become so popular they are now considered mainstream gold bullion products. Coin collectors and bullion investors have lately been buying world gold coins online in large numbers, taking advantage of the large cost savings that online stores like CBMint are able to offer. Online stores like CBMint are the best places to buy gold coins online -- If you have any questions or comments about buying world gold coins online from CBMint, please do not hesitate to Contact Us, or call us toll-free at 1-866-300-0504.

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