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The Gold Double Eagle was a circulation gold coin minted in the United States from 1849 until the end of the gold standard in 1933. After that time, it became illegal for US citizens to privately own gold, with only a few exceptions concerning jewelry and numismatic gold coinage. The inception of the Gold Double Eagle in 1849 is no accident -- coinciding with the California gold rush, the increased availability of raw gold bullion allowed the United States Mint to expand its production of gold coins.

Production began in earnest in 1850 and was the highest face value US coin, unseating the $10 Gold Eagle. Because the new coin had a face value of exactly double that, it was called the Gold Double Eagle. Only two designs were used on Gold Double Eagles throughout their production run, the Liberty Head (or Coronet) type, and the famous Saint Gaudens design. Both coins were struck from an alloy of 90% gold and 10% copper. This allow (sometimes called Crown Gold) is intended to increase the hardness of the coin, as pure gold is too soft for a circulation coin. The Gold Double Eagle is 2 mm wide, 34 mm in diameter, and contains .9675 troy ounces of gold.

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The first version of the Gold Double Eagle, the Liberty Head (also called the Coronet design) was struck from 1849 until 1907. Though the design was generally steady, small changes were introduced over the lifetime of the coin. On early versions, the motto was missing -- this was added in 1866. Before 1877, the face value was written as "Twenty D", later changed to "Twenty Dollars." Investors and collectors buy Liberty Head Gold Double Eagles in smaller numbers than the Saint Gaudens version, primarily because the artwork is less desirable. Nevertheless, the $20 Liberty Double Eagle is highly collectible and numerous examples of these coins in very high grades can be found.

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The most famous pre-1933 American gold coin, both collectors and investors buy Saint Gaudens Gold Double Eagles in large numbers, and the piece is likely the most well-known former gold circulation coin in the world. The coin is named for its designer, Augustus Saint-Gaudens, who received a commission from then-President Theodore Roosevelt to redesign the circulation coinage for the United States. The first $20 Gold Saint Gaudens coins were issued in 1907, but only around 12,000 examples were struck. Early versions used Roman numerals instead of Arabic numerals, and the first versions were of high-relief, later changed to low-relief to aid in striking. Today, these early 1907 St. Gaudens Double Eagles command very high prices.

Minor changes took place until the demise of the Gold Double Eagle in 1933. When New Mexico and Arizona became states in 1912, additional stars were added to the field. With the abandonment of the gold standard in 1933 and the subsequent confiscation of gold held by private citizens, it became illegal to own or buy Gold Double Eagles. The small number of 1933 Saint Gaudens Gold Double Eagles that were struck were technically illegal, so collectors were not able to buy 1933 Saint Gaudens Double Eagles without committing a crime.

The Walking Liberty Design by Saint Gaudens is Given New Life

Considered the most beautiful artwork ever used on a United States coin, the Walking Liberty design of Saint Gaudens was elected to be re-used for the American Gold Eagle bullion coin program. First released in 1986, the US Gold Eagle is a gold bullion coin intended for investment, not circulation. In the tradition of the Saint Gaudens Double Gold Eagle, early versions of the bullion Gold Eagle also used Roman numerals to indicate the mint year, instead of Arabic numerals. The obverse of the bullion Gold Eagle coins repeats the design of the Saint Gaudens Gold Double Eagle, a fact which, no doubt, has helped increase the popularity of the coin. Today, the American Gold Eagle is one of the premier gold bullion coins in the world.