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The Canadian Gold Maple Leaf

The Canadian Gold Maple Leaf is the official Canadian gold bullion coin, produced by the Royal Canadian Mint since 1979. The Canadian Gold Maple leaf is famous for having the highest purity of regular-issue gold bullion coins – 99.99% pure gold, with a few unique issues even having a fineness of .99999 (Known in the metals industry as five-nines). The extra-high gold fineness has made the Gold Maple Leaf popular among investors who buy gold bullion coins online.

Minted with gold from mines located in Canada itself, the Gold Maple Leaf was, after the Krugerrand, one of the first gold bullion coins to hit the market. They range in denominations from the 1/20 Ounce Gold Maple Leaf up to the 1 Ounce Gold Maple Leaf although even larger specimens have been minted for commemorative occasions. Regardless of denomination, all Canadian Gold Maple Leaf bullion coins are sourced directly from the Royal Canadian Mint and its official distributors, ensuring full product authenticity and quality.

Design of the Gold Canadian Maple Leaf

Obverse:  The front of each coin shows one of three versions of Queen Elizabeth II in profile – an ‘old head’ version, an ‘older head’ version, and a ‘newer head’ version. Many special and commemorative issues have also been made – these feature a variety of different designs on the obverse. The nominal face value and the year of manufacture also appear here.

Reverse:  Common to all Canadian Gold Maple Leaf coins is the large and striking maple leaf depicted on the back, as well as the gold purity, the words Fine Gold, and the weight of gold.

Investing in Gold Maple Leaf Coins

The Gold Maple Leaf gained early notoriety as being the first major gold bullion coin to have a fineness of .9999 (four-nines gold). Despite the higher fineness, the Gold Maple Leaf often trades closer to the current gold spot price than some other gold coins do, making them inexpensive options for investors who are buying gold coins online. Volume discounts are also available for buying gold bullion online, so many investors buy Gold Maple Leaf coins in large numbers, in order to take advantage of these savings. The beauty and collectibility of the coin also ensure that they are popular among coin collectors, jewelers, and gift buyers. The Candian Gold Maple Leaf is, in most cases, considered eligible as IRA gold, meaning US-based investors can buy Maple Leafs and put them in a self-directed IRA.

History of the Canadian Gold Maple Leaf

The Royal Canadian Mint began production of the Gold Maple Leaf in 1979, in order to compete with the South African Gold Krugerrand on the world bullion market. The first years of this issue had coins that were 99.9% pure gold, however, since 1982 they have been minted from 99.99% gold – the highest among government-issued gold bullion coins. Though the purity is second to none, the coins, being nearly pure gold, are also softer than other gold bullion issues, and require more delicate care and protection to avoid dings and blemishes.

Many special issues have been produced over the years, including a coin of 99.999% fineness, a series with Colored Maple Leaf reverses, Hologram pieces, Olympic Games pieces, and several commemorative issues. A few oversized Gold Maple Leafs were also produced – largest among these the five famous 100 kilogram gold coins produced, each with a face value of 1 million Canadian dollars and a gold melt value of more than double that number. Popularity of all issues of Gold Maple Leaf has steadily increased --  to meet this soaring demand, the Royal Canadian Mint has recently ramped up production – over 1,000,000 examples of the 1 Ounce Gold Maple Leaf are now minted annually. 

Buying Canadian Gold Maple Leafs Online

The Canadian Gold Maple Leaf is still one of the premier gold bullion coins on the market, and many bullion investors prefer to only buy Gold Maple Leafs. Like many other official gold bullion coins with great designs, not just investors, but gift givers and collectors all buy Gold Maple Leaf coins in large numbers. Online stores like CBMint are the best places to buy Gold Maple Leafs online, as we can offer gold bullion coins at much lower cost than brick and mortar stores, giving tremendous savings to investors who buy gold bullion online. Should you have any further questions about buying Gold Maple Leaf coins online from CBMint, do not hesitate to Contact Us or call us toll-free at 1-866-300-0504.

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