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Purchasing Gold Bullion Coins

Gold bullion coins, not to be confused with older gold coins which circulated as currency, are the counterpart to gold bars for investors who buy gold bullion online. Whereas most gold bars are produced by private mints and refiners, gold coins specifically refer to official gold bullion coins, produced by sovereign mints specifically for the gold bullion market. Gold bullion coins usually have legal tender status within the borders of the issuing country and also carry a nominal face value. Any gold coin produced by a private mint is technically a gold round, as they have no legal tender status or guarantees. Indeed, many investors prefer to buy gold coins online as each piece is fully backed by the issuing government for weight, gold fineness, and authenticity.

Investing in Gold Coins

Unlike gold bullion bars, which are simple, pedestrian bullion investments, gold coins possess numismatic value on top of the value of gold in each coin. Gold bullion coins feature beautiful designs, often highlighting the history, culture, and governments of the nations that issue them. Many gold bullion coins reuse design elements from old circulation gold coins, the American Gold Eagle being a famous example of this. Others, such as the Australian Gold Koala and Chinese Gold Panda, have designs that highlight the fauna or flora found in that country. Common to most are the legal tender status and nominal face value, though a quick peek at the current gold spot prices shows that the melt value of gold in each coin far exceeds the face value. For US-based investors who buy gold coins online, many examples of gold coin, such as the Canadian Gold Maple Leaf, are considered eligible as IRA gold, allowing the buyers to place the coins in a self-directed IRA. Also common is the practice of buying gold coins as gifts.

Buying Certified Gold Coins

Certified gold coins are coins that have been submitted to a professional grading service, like PCGS or NGC, to be authenticated and graded. Certification is used more often in the coin-collecting industry than in the gold bullion industry, but nevertheless many investors prefer certified gold coins because of the iron-clad guarantee of authenticity. The issuing agency authenticates the coin, assigns it a grade (usually on the standard scale of 1 - 70), and protects the piece in hard plastic. These protective plastic slabs also give these coins another name -- “slabbed” coins.

Buy Gold Coins Online

Decades ago, the South African Gold Krugerrand was the first gold bullion coin to appear on the market. Since that time, myriad government mints from all over the world have begun to manufacture gold coins, giving modern investors a wealth of options when they are looking to buy gold coins online. We categorize gold coins from overseas mints as World Gold Coins, with such renowned examples as the British Gold Britannia and the Austrian Gold Philharmonic.

When you buy gold coins online, regardless of the type, you are able to take advantage of the tremendous cost savings that online stores like CBMint can offer. Online stores are the best places to buy gold coins online -- with little of the overhead that burdens brick and mortar stores, CBMint can sell gold bullion products at much lower prices than physical stores. Additionally, many gold coins have limited mintages and are rare, making them often hard to find in coin stores. CBMint, however, has relationships with mints all over the world, so our customers always have a huge selection when they buy gold bullion coins online. If you have any further questions about buying gold bullion coins online from CBMint, please feel free to Contact Us or call us toll-free at 1-866-300-0504.

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