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  1. OPM 1 Kilogram Gold Bar - Front

    Ohio Precious Metals 1 Kilogram Gold Bar (32.15 oz)


    1 Kilogram of Gold - 99.99% Pure | Top-Quality Gold Bullion Bar by OPM | 1 Kilo Gold Bar - Trades Close to Current Gold Spot Price Buy Now
  2. PAMP Fortuna 1 Kilogram Gold Bar - Front

    Lady Fortuna 1 Kilogram Gold Bar (32.15 oz)


    Swiss-Quality with Gorgeous Lady Fortuna Design | 1 Kilogram of Gold - 99.99% Pure | Lowest Price per Troy Ounce for Buying Gold Online Buy Now

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Purchasing Large Gold Bars

Large gold bullion bars are manufactured by top refiners and mints around the world, including, but not limited to PAMP, NTR, Credit Suisse, Johnson and Matthey, and Ohio Precious Metals. With nearly all large gold bars containing 99.99% fine gold, they are tremendous stores of value and have a long history of maintaining their worth. Among investors who buy gold bars online, the most common example of a big gold bar is a 1 kilogram gold bar, though even larger gold bullion bars are manufactured, primarily for governments and banks. Given current spot gold prices, each large gold bullion bar we sell has tremendous value, and we take security very seriously. CBMint only obtains gold bars direct from the manufacturer, ensuring 100% guaranteed product authenticity and quality. Due to the potential for malfeasance and product inconsistency, CBMint does not buy gold bars from only sources outside of these few highly-reputable mints.

Price Discounts When Buying Large Gold Bars Online

Buying gold bars online always affords the investor a price premium, with most bars trading close to the current spot price of gold. However, larger gold bars carry still smaller premiums, often barely exceeding the gold spot price. These low premiums make large gold bars the best vehicle for investors looking to buy gold bullion online as cheaply as possible.

Designs Used on Large Gold Bars

Gold bullion bars, much less so than Gold Coins, attract investors who are only interested in the melt value of the gold contained in each bar. Because of this, even big gold bars seldom have ornate designs -- usually just the name of the mint, the gold fineness, and the weight. However, some manufacturers of gold bars do adorn even their large bullion products with beautiful designs. The products of PAMP, with their gorgeous Lady Fortuna gold bar design, is a great example. Some of these types of gold bullion bars even attract collector interest.

Investing in Gold Bullion Bars

Per troy ounce of gold, the larger the gold bullion bar, the closer to the actual gold spot price it trades. Combined with the fact that gold bullion bars already trade closer to the current spot gold price than gold bullion coins do, and large gold bars are the single most cost-effective way to buy gold bullion online, period. With the extremely low premiums that these big gold bars possess, many investors forego buying gold bars until they have amassed enough capital to buy 1 kilogram gold bars. In the long run, it saves the investors substantial sums of money. Large gold bars usually have a fineness of .9999, giving many of them IRA-eligible gold products for buyers in the United States.

Buy Large Gold Bars Online

Large examples such as 1 kilogram gold bars are tremendous bullion investments and do not stir the interest of beginners looking to buy gold bullion online. Instead, these gold bars attract serious buyers who are looking for the most inexpensive way to buy gold online in large amounts. Because of economies of scale, buying large gold bars is the cheapest way to buy gold online. Investors pay very little premium on these bullion products, meaning they end up purchasing gold bullion at close to the current gold spot price. CBMint is the best place to buy gold bars online -- feel free to browse our collection of large gold bars, or to Contact Us with any further questions you may have on any of these products. Additionally, we always welcome your phone call -- CBMint can be reached toll-free at 1-866-300-0504.

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